On 2nd November 2016, the Pokemon TCG sequel released its thirteen-card set; the Evolutions. Featuring first-generation Pokemon, it became very popular among the older fans. Besides reprints of the original series, the XY Evolutions also features many valuable cards.

Proceeding with the EX Pokemon and Mega Evolutions theme, the XY Evolutions card set includes twelve EX cards. In addition, it also features four new Break Cards and five Mega Evolutions. In this write-up, I have covered the top 10 most expensive XY Evolutions cards.  Each card holds a unique design and artwork to attract the collectors.

Top 10 Most Expensive XY Evolutions Cards 

1. Mega Charizard-EX

The first and the most expensive card on our list upholds the tremendous Mega Evolution Mechanics. Attracting the video game lovers, the Mega Charizard Ex features an incredibly strong dragon. The overall jet-black look with Charizard’s flames adds more to its strength. Moreover, this mega version is one of the most powerful base attacks in the entire game. 

2.Reverse Holo Gyarados

Pulling another expensive card from the XY Evolution booster pack: the Reverse Holo Gyarados. This reverse holo version is quite pricey because it is a small population card. With only 34 copies, it has become one of the most valuable gears.

3. Reverse Holo Pikachu Card

Most Pokemon collectors often ask: Is Evolution a good booster box? Well! Yes, it is! With tremendous card quality and numerous good pulls, it has become my favorite booster box. This amazing set is easily available at Walmart. Reverse Holo Pikachu is another tremendous card with a big price tag. This holographic gear with a Pikachu is the cutest of all the sets. With a small population of only 71 copies, it can be a worthy addition to your Pokemon card collection.

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4. Blastoise Spirit Link Reverse Holo

Blastoise spirit reverse holo guarantees you a win against rock, ground and fire type Pokémon. Its special water-type moves can help you launch massive spells even when you’re running low with HP stats. Moreover, it’s a mega launcher with powerful pulse moves to elevate your play to the next level. 

5. Charizard-Holo

Here comes the most valuable Pokemon Evolution card; the Charizard Holo. It has been the top favorite card of high-end collectors. The card is a pretty, unique card with a shiny design. Moreover, its strongest attack can change your entire gameplay.

6. Mega Venusaur-EX

Here’s another legendary Pokemon card, Venusaur, with a little spin in the XY series. The Mega Venusaur is more capable of launching secret grass attacks on its opponent. However, the impact could be massive, with more poisonous spells than ever. 


No doubt, Mewtwo Pokémon Card is an exciting inclusion in the Evolution series. More than just a reprint from the base set, the power stats are also a bonus. It has been in the top ten most expensive xy evolution cards due to improved psychic attacks and pressure abilities. 


The evolution of every favourite dragon into Dragonite-EX is a popular card among fans. It is one of the most rare Pokémon cards known for its competitive battling abilities. Using Dragonite EX, you can end up your opponent’s turn by discharging all its energy in a go. 

9. Magneton Holo

With a holographic pattern, Magneton Holo has marked its name among the top 10 most expensive XY evolution cards. In Generation I, it was pure Electric-type and less powerful. However, it returned to Generation II with more strength and steel-typing ability. 

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10. Holographic Zapdos

Although it seems like a regular holographic card, its price tag and value are mind-blowing. With a population of only 27 cards, the Holographic Zapdos can be a nice pick for Pokemon card collectors.


Evolution XY series offers a complete, exciting range of popular cards. We hope our list of Top 10 Most Expensive XY Evolution Cards can help you decide when buying the best shot. So, you can start over by rolling up your sleeves and jumping into the world of endless gaming fun.