Are crimped Pokemon cards worth anything? The world that we live in has a set of rules – some universal truths one might call them. One of those rules has proven over time that mistakes lead to consequences, and generally, those consequences are not good.

However, every now and then, the mistake or deformity occurring becomes so rare, so unique or so unseen that the universal truth becomes false.

That beautiful dimple that made you fall for that pretty girl was actually a deformity which turned out so beautiful, that it has gained value. The hand print left by Muhammad Ali on the beautiful clay art made it special rather than being called crimped.

The Tower of Pisa, regardless of being an architectural disaster, has been labeled as a modern Wonder of the world. So, with Pokemon too, we wonder are crimped Pokemon cards worth anything?

Crimp Pokemon Card – Pokemon cards of different sizes and defects

Manufacturing defects in trading cards such as creased centers, and cut or folded edges are referred to as Crimped Cards. These types of defects mostly occur in the printing or process and cards with such defects are labeled as damaged or flawed.

As discussed earlier, as a rule of thumb, these types of cards lose their value as collectors generally want shiny new cards for which they have paid money. However, the universal truth often fails due to one factor – Novelty.

Are Pokemon Card Misprints Worth Anything?

The novelty/ uniqueness of the cards is a major factor in determining its worth as cards with printing mistakes are rare and in high demand particularly because of their uniqueness.

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The uniqueness also includes crimped cards with defects thus making crimped cards a rare breed and much more valuable.

Misprint Pokemon Card Value

Extreme printing defects or rare card print such as “ a mermaid tail printed under a baseball player” can affect major up-scaling in card value. One way of getting your hands on a “one of a kind” card is to have a load of cash on you to spend.

However, if you don’t have hefty loads of money, the other more difficult road to choose is to find that one rare deformity which makes its novelty valuable.

How Much is Misprint Pokemon Card Worth

The question most frequently asked is for estimates or evaluation of a misprint card.  While there is no set price for any Crimped Pokemon Card, below is a guideline of how you can assess the price of your crimped card in a better way.


The number 1 step you need to do in order to find out how much is misprint Pokemon card worth, is to get linked with the  community of collectors and check what they classify your misprint as.

The classification or naming the misprint Pokemon cards isn’t a field of study but it certainly does a world of good knowing the exact words with which they term the misprint Pokemon card as. This way it becomes a lot easier listing your card and assessing its value.

Novelty/ uniqueness

As already discussed earlier in the article, the most important thing to find out – is your Pokemon misprint card worth anything? – is to figure out how common it is.  Always remember that

  • Newer sets have more misprints than older sets.
  • Severity of the misprint and its supply are always inversely proportional.
  • Whenever you think you have got your hands on a rare misprint, the best way to check its novelty is to see if the misprint is on every version of that specific card.
  • Misprints are incredibly rare when compared to the total printed cards out there till date.  As of 2023, the number of printed Pokemon cards runs in billions.  So even if 0.001% of 1 billion cards were misprinted, the result would still be 10,000 misprints.
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Demand – Pokemon Card Misprints

Once you have classified your card and the name of the misprint, the next step is to find out the demand for that particular category of misprint that you are holding on to. This can be a little tricky as this is an abstract factor to determine.

However, it is worth mentioning that this is the most important yet often or ignored by inexperienced misprint sellers.

There is of course the direct relationship between supply and demand, which is a large part of the equation, but there are also a few more things to consider.

  • Desirability: The demand of the misprint depends largely on the desirability of the card itself. If the card is highly desirability, even the smallest of misprinting can become highly valuable.
  • Target Audience: The other most important factor is the group of collectors you want to target. Remember that all collectors have different psyches so while some are looking for a specific card, others may collect all types of misprints just for the sake of it.

Price Listing

All said and done, the most important question still is where to find pricing data. Below are a few good options to consider:

  1. The website provides you with a great and easy insight into the value of the card. You just have to insert the card number and you can check any card price.
  2.  Having proven its worth over time, ebay provides you with a great source for sold listings. With so much popularity, the information is highly reliable and authentic.
  3. Last but not the least, your very own source for finding all the information on Pokemon cards, crimped Pokemon cards and what they are worth.
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So if you really think you have a crimped Pokemon card that is rare enough to attract collectors, social media market places offer you an easy solution of searching for similar listings which would eventually give you an idea of your card’s worth.

However, as a general rule, the overall value of the crimped card will always depend on the severity of the defect or the rarity of the mistake that has been done. In other words the perfection of the imperfection will determine whether your Pokemon crimped cards are actually worth anything.