Vivid Voltage was released in the first weeks of November 2020, with over 185 cards. This series is famous because of the availability of different colorful rainbow cards. There are many cards that are present in full art form, making them highly valuable for Pokémon enthusiasts. Further in this series, there is also his trainer and supporting cards present in a full art form (a unique character called Nurse Joy), who has always been loved by Pokémon anime lovers.  Here you will find out the top 10 most expensive vivid voltage cards. 

Our list of best cards in vivid voltage 

  1. Oranguru
  2. Obstago 
  3. Beauty full art 
  4. Snorlax reverse holo
  5. Lucario
  6. Pikachu V
  7. Nessa 40-50 
  8. Pokemon Center lady 
  9. Beau full art 60-70
  10. Pikachu Vmas (full art) 

Other cards can be found here.

1) Oranguru

Coming in as one of the cheapest from our vivid voltage most expensive cards is Oranguru. Oranguru is mostly famous because of how beautifully it is illustrated between the two colors, orange and purple. Pokémon admirers love to keep this as a collection piece. It is said that even if this card gets scratched, it can still hold its value pretty well. 

It belongs to the colorless type of Pokémon. Its abilities include a strong hit of its ‘Primate Wisdom’ and ‘Whap down’. Its only weaknesses are fist, fighting Pokémon. 

2) Obstago 

Coming in next on the list of Vivid Voltage most valuable cards is Obstago. This is mostly famous and considered valuable because of its appearance in the Pokémon Anime and being one of the rare Pokemon. It also belongs to the Galar region.

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Being of the dark type of Pokemon, its abilities include an ‘Untamed shout’ and an ‘obstruct’ which can easily damage other Pokemon.  Although this Pokémon is extremely fierce it can still be damaged by grass Pokemon. The value of this Pokémon card is estimated between $20-$25.

3) Beauty Full Art 

Coming in next on our list of vivid voltage best cards is now a trainer card. This trainer card mostly holds up with value because it is present in the Full art version.  It also belongs to the category of ultra-rare and cannot be found easily. Further on, her presence is also found in the Anime. She is estimated to value about $30-$35.

4) Snorlax Reverse Holo 

Snorlax belongs to the best cards in vivid voltage this is mostly because this Pokémon has been present in the Anime and then in the first generation of the Pokémon trading card game. Belonging to the type of colorless, this Pokémon’s abilities to ‘Gormadize’ and ‘Body slam’ not only damage its enemies but also scare them. Because of his huge size, it can easily paralyze them too. Its only weakness is fist-fighting Pokémons. The value of this card is between $45-$40. 

5) Lucario

Another one of the vivid voltage most expensive cards is Lucario. Other than its appearance in the original anime it was also showcased in the movie. This Pokémon was released in the fourth generation of Diamond and Pearl. Further on, it became famous because of its unique abilities in the gameplay with strong signature aura and moves. It was one of the earliest to mega-evolve too.  Belonging to the type of metal this Pokemon with his signature moves of ‘Knuckle impact’ has strong resistance against grass Pokemon. Its only weakness is fire Pokemon.

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The value of this card is between $45-$40. 

6) Pikachu V

Coming in next for the top 10 most expensive vivid voltage cards is Pikachu V.Pikachu has been present in the game and from day one is everyone’s all-time favorite.  With its electrical abilities and strong ‘Charge’ and ‘thunderbolt’ it can easily bring down its enemies without a flinch.

The value of this card is estimated between $40-$50.

7) Nessa 

UComing in next in vivid voltage most valuable cards is Nessa.

Nessa is a really strong supporter card that can be used to fight or stand with an energy card. Furthermore, the value of Nessa is also higher than other Pokémons because it is present in full art form. Full Art Pokémon cards are highly illustrated and colorful to make them more appealing to the player. 

The value of this card is estimated between $40-$50.

8) Pokemon Center lady 

Coming in next on our vivid voltage best cards is Pokémon Center Lady, also known as Nurse Joy. 

She is famous because of her appearance in the popular anime as a nurse who healed Pokémons Furthermore in the trading card game, using her trainer card can heal the Pokémon up to 60 points. 

The total value of her card is between $50-$60. 

9) Beau Full Art 

Coming in next on the list for best cards in vivid voltage is Bea. 

Her appearance in the Pokémon card belonged as a fighting individual, which won Pokémon Admirers hearts.

In the trading card game, he plays the role of defeating other trainer cards and providing gym badges. Further on her value is also increased because her Pokémon is present in full art version. The full art version is beautifully colorful looking aesthetically pleasing towards the eyes of an individual.

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10) Pikachu Vmas (full art)

Coming in on top of Vivid Voltage most expensive cards is our favourite Pikachu. This Pikachu is present in its Vmax and full art form making it more valuable.  Pikachu has appeared in all the series and movies of Pokémon, and will forever stay the favorite for all Pokémon lovers. Belonging to the electrical type of Pokémon, this Pokémon can destroy its enemy with its ‘G-max Volt Tackle’.  Our favorite Pokémon card Pikachu Vmax can easily value at least $200 and can reach up to $300. 

With how beautifully appealing this card is, there is no way you can keep it without owning a Pokémon card binder


If the choice is left to choose one of the top 10 most expensive vivid voltage cards other than Pikachu Vmax, our choice would be Lucario because of its unique and strong fighting abilities and overall value of less than $50.