Most of us are eager to know; Does big lots sell Pokemon cards? Well, the answer lies between yes and no. Walmart is one of the biggest suppliers of different homes, offices, and accessories, along with food items, etc but it does not provide the option of stock buying. Therefore, in 1967, Big Lots originated in Columbus, Ohio USA.

The name itself indicates the prime, value of owning items in big amounts and selling them at a cheaper price if compared to buying separately. If you wish to instantly increase your chances of receiving better Pokémon cards, purchasing Pokemon cards at Big Lots is a better and cheaper option because of the different promotions they offer.

Does Big Lots Have Cards?

Does Big Lots Have Cards

To understand does big lots of cards or what types of Pokémon cards does big lots sell, you need to understand what a ‘Big Lots’ is.

Big Lots is an American chain of retail stores that work on the basis of buying stuff in large quantities and then selling it at discounted prices to benefit the people. They usually do not consist of one specific thing instead of varieties of merchandise from home accessories to toys, food, and even seasonal items example a Christmas tree.

So, does Big Lots have cards? Yes, they would.

What Types of Pokemon Cards does Big Lots Sell?

What Types of Pokemon Cards does Big Lots Sell

Firstly, to know what types of Pokémon cards does big lots sell, you need to know what is available in your region.

Pokémon cards present may vary according to regional differences further on ‘Big Lots’ sells them in packs as per their policy.

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‘Big Lots’have these available in:

  • Booster packs: There are different types of booster packs that consist of different amounts of Pokémon present inside them. The type of Pokemon card you are targeting and how many Pokémon are present inside it. Eg XY Breakpoint boast may include break cards such as Greninja Break.
  • Promotional: There are many promotional Pokémon that include different rare Pokémon eg Mewto.
  • Theme Decks: Theme decks are also present because they are very famous among New Pokémon players because of the built-in decks.

All of these are also present in Walmart (even Pokemon cards with different dimensions), but ‘Big Lots’, have them at a cheaper price.

Where to Buy Pokemon cards at Big Lot?

If you’re new to visiting Big Lots, you may be confused as to where to buy Pokémon cards at Big Lots. Here are some steps that you can follow:

  • Locate: The first step is to locate your nearest Big Lots, retail store
  • Website: It is better to check the availability of the Pokémon card you are looking for on their online website before visiting the retail store.
  • Call for help: if you are unclear if the retail store has your Pokémon legendary card pack in stock, you can always call the retailers and ask.
  • Visiting: On visiting the store you can seek help from the employees to guide you towards your destination.
  • Follow-up:  In case your required Pokemon card pack isn’t available you can always follow up on your website or by calling the retailers and re-confirm the availability. Most of the big lots present often restock their supplies once or twice a week.
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Purchasing Pokemon cards at Big Lots?

If you plan on purchasing Pokémon cards at Big Lots, here are a few things to guide you:


Purchasing Pokémon cards at ‘Big Lots’ through the retail stores requires a greater amount of time, and effort here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Always check online or contact the store to you know the availability of your Pokémon card.
  • On visiting the store seek help from a nearby employee to guide you properly.
  •  During checkout always verify your payment.


Pokémon card is available online. You can proceed to pay through the different options of card payments.

What Cards Does Big Lots Accept?

Now you won’t ask; does big lots sell Pokemon cards, but what about the payment criteria?Almost all the retail shops of Big Lots accept different types of payment methods, such as credit cards, cash debit cards, and even mobile payment options.

Almost the same payment methods are used for their online purchasing. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that after making a payment through your card or cash, take the slip home whereas when it comes to online payments you are usually given an order detail information which provides you with information such as your order number and how many days it would be received in.


So, does big lots sell Pokémon cards?

Yes, they do but only in the form of different decks and packs.

However, it is necessary to reconfirm the availability of your item online or by calling the retail shop to spare yourself a useless visit.

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Purchasing Pokémon cards at big lots is made easier with almost every type of payment, even mobile payments, such as Apple Pay.