Are you looking to purchase a Pokemon booster box? Are you worried about how to tell if a Pokemon Booster Box has been tampered with? Identifying tampered Pokemon Booster boxes is challenging enough. Although technology has dramatically aided humanity, it has also offered opportunities for scammers to commit scams successfully. As a result, distinguishing tampered booster boxes from sealed ones has become difficult. 

But guess what? I was also curious whether my Pokemon Booster Box had been tampered with. So, I thoroughly investigated all available straightforward methods for detecting the tampered Pokemon booster boxes. 

Don’t be fooled by dodgy suppliers into purchasing counterfeit cards; follow this professional guide and buy confidently! To distinguish between sealed and tampered booster boxes, you have to look at the details of the tampered ones. Let’s get started. 

What is the function of the Pokemon Booster Box? 

What is the function of the Pokemon Booster Box? 

Pokemon Booster Boxes have long been a fan favourite within the Pokemon community. Pokemon booster boxes allow customers to expand their Pokemon card collection with the unexpected inclusion of new cards. Booster boxes contain booster packs, and each booster pack contains a random Pokemon card with a combination of standard and valuable cards.

Spending a moderate amount of money and receiving many cards is intriguing. Isn’t it great? You have a good chance of getting many rare cards with a booster box, and it also costs less than loose cards. 

So, booster boxes were an excellent marketing tool for the corporation to stimulate the community’s attention. At the same time, it also proved beneficial for ambitious collectors to expand their card collections.  

Why Is it Important to Spot The Tampered Booster Box? 

When a person spends money, he has the right to acquire original and legitimate products. Detecting tampered booster boxes is essential for maintaining the game’s authenticity. Consider a person messing with the booster box to collect the rare cards. Delivering resealed boxes to customers is against the spirit of the game.

What’s the point of buying a booster box without rare cards? It is something that Pokemon card lovers cannot tolerate. It affects the game’s authenticity and also disappoints the customer. 

A tampered Pokemon booster box undermines a player’s trust in the game and his enthusiasm for it. So, don’t let your desire to collect cards be dashed by the fraudulent act of tampering. As a result, strategies for detecting tampered booster boxes must be implemented. 

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Why Do People Tamper With Pokemon Booster Boxes? 

Tampering needs no excuses, but I always want to get a clue about why do people tamper with Pokemon Booster boxes. After conducting thorough investigations into the issue at hand, I learned some of the reasons why people did such things. Let’s have a look at the grounds. 

  • One of the primary reasons I discovered is the desire to replenish pricey booster packs from the box. It can also be done the other way around, swapping out rare cards for common ones. 
  • Some people desire to acquire a specific card to complete their card collection. Instead of taking the risk of purchasing many booster boxes, they make it simple for them by opening the boxes to get the one they want and then resealing it to deliver it to the customers.
  • People can profit considerably by tampering with booster boxes and selling individual cards, especially if they are proficient at recognizing premium cards. As a result, profit is the driving force behind the act of tampering.
  • Another reason why people tamper with Pokemon Booster boxes is to sell valuable cards separately. 

All of these explanations, however, cannot justify the fraudulent act of tampering, which will always be prohibited.      

Which Pokemon Booster Boxes Are Likely To Be Tampered With? 

Every sort of Pokemon Booster box has the potential to be tampered with. Certain booster boxes, however, are particularly vulnerable to tampering. If you are curious about the question: “Which Pokemon Booster boxes are likely to be tampered with?” Let’s explore. 

Initial Series Of Pokemon Booster Boxes

The oldest series of Pokemon booster boxes launched in 1999 in the United States, such as Wizards of the Coast, increases the risk of tampering. The booster package contained 102 cards. There were 16 rare holographic cards among the 102 cards in the collection. The set also included the renowned Charizard card, making it a well-known booster set among the audience. 

The increased danger of tampering is owing to the lack of a specific logo or symbol to maintain the uniqueness of sealed boxes.

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Sun and Moon Expansion Series of Booster Boxes

Because of the many cards included in this box, the Pokemon Sun and Moon expansion series sparks the curiosity of dedicated gamers and resellers. It gives players the option of adding 360 cards from 36 booster packs. It also has numerous relatively rare cards, such as Blacephalon-GX, Mythical Pokemon, and other GX varieties. 

This driving force is sufficient for the scammers to attempt tampering. 

Booster Boxes With Large Number Of Holofoil Cards

Booster boxes containing a high proportion of holofoil cards may include more value cards overall, making them more appealing targets for tampering. Because holofoil cards have distinct textures and patterns, it is difficult for customers to tell if they are receiving a tampered Pokemon booster box or a factory-sealed booster box. Their visually appealing characteristics also make them subject to tampering.

In Demand Booster Sets

Persons interested in tampering are also interested in booster sets that feature cards with high market value. They wished to reap the rewards from the use of high-demanding cards.

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How to Tell If A Pokemon Booster Box Has Been Tampered With? 

After learning that people are waiting for the opportunity to trick you by tampering with Pokemon Booster Boxes and affecting the game’s authenticity, you must be seeking clues to help you figure out how to tell whether a Pokemon Booster box has been tampered with. Here are several indicators that will assist you in distinguishing the original factory-sealed box from the altered one.

  • The box’s appearance reveals a lot about the authenticity of the booster boxes. The first thing you notice is the box’s seal. It may have been tampered with if you observe any changes to the booster box’s wrapper or seal. The original seal does not appear in this manner.
  • Image design, colour and box art are among the deciding factors in the list if you are looking for answers to tell if a Pokemon Booster box has been tampered with.  
  • The writing format on the box is also distinctive to the respective booster box and indicates whether or not the seal has been removed before it reaches you.
  • Another approach for detecting tampered booster boxes is to observe whether the cards slide inside the box. Because the original booster box has been tightly sealed, and the cards fit perfectly inside.
  • Check the orientation of the booster packs after opening the booster package. The original Pokemon Booster box is represented by an equal number of groups on each side organized in line. If you find an opposite condition, you know what occurred to your booster box before it arrived at your location.
  • Another simple method is double-checking your card count and booster packs in the booster box. An altered card count indicates the Pokemon Booster box has been tampered with.
  • Be wary if the retailer offers an invaluable discounted price on booster boxes. You never know if they are tampered with booster boxes. 
  • Whether you buy Pokemon Booster boxes from a store or an online marketplace, buying from unlicensed vendors is unsafe because there is a greater chance of receiving a tampered Pokemon Booster box.  
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The easy way to avoid tampering acts is to buy from the trusted sellers, using secured payment methods, properly inspect the packaging, and search for the relative market prices for the Pokemon Booster Boxes. Using these methods, the chances of having the tampered Booster Box falls down.     


To avoid spending money on manipulated Pokemon Booster packs, take the precautionary steps. 

It should be noted that tampering with booster boxes is unprofessional and illegal in any region. However, don’t be alarmed because reporting such acts to official websites is now simple. Furthermore, the presence of approved marketplaces these days ensures that you will not become a victim of tampering. However, it is still advisable to exercise caution.

I am sure you can now answer the frequently asked question like how to tell if a Pokemon Booster Box has been tampered with

Get ready to determine whether your Booster box is factory-sealed or not. Good luck!