Over the years of the complete success of the Pokemon game and further vogue through their Pokemon cards, collectors have always been curious about how to get the legendary Pokemon cards.

Since the production of the Pokémon game and these prestigious cards, these cards have been known to influence the hearts of many Pokémon lovers. The legendary and mythical cards, for example of the rarest and most favored illustrator Pikachu, the potent and mighty Arceus and Mewtwo, enthusiastic fans have spent years and ample amounts of money to collect them. 

These fans not only influence themselves but also encourage other individuals to be part of this community. 

The context presented here will no longer leave you with any doubts about the most basic questions from ‘What is a Pokemon’, to how to obtain and collect these in-demand legendary Pokemon cards.

What are Pokémon cards?

Before heading towards the details of how to get legendary Pokémon cards let’s first talk about what Pokemon is and what’s the mystery behind the Pokemon cards. Originally Pokémon was a franchise or company that was responsible for making different video games, films, and animated series since 1997. Further on as their popularity increased, they started creating trading cards for their customers. 

Pokémon card:

These specialized trading cards were made to provide the customer a sort of reward and a sense of power under the name of ‘Pokémon card’. In the games, animations, and films, different creatures were captured or kept as pets. 

These creatures or monsters owned special powers, namely called Pokémon. Further on these creatures would have certain battles under their owners’ leadership against other players and other Pokémons. Like the game people have been collecting these Pokémon cards to show their superiority and love towards these Pokemons

Legendary Pokémon:

These are special and rare Pokémon that cannot be found everywhere. They are usually known for their special and unique powers, strength, speed, and the amount of destruction they can cause in a specific region. 

Legendary Pokémon cards:

Shortly after the introduction of Pokémon cards, these cards were introduced which featured the rare Pokémon present in the game or TV series. These Pokémon cards were hard to find, and the ones found could easily be sold at a good price because of how rare they were. One of the rarest Pokemon cards is the Pokémon ‘Arceus’. Legendary Pokemon card prices have ranged from 3 dollars to over 3 million. 

How to get legendary Pokemon cards online?

How to get legendary Pokémon cards

If you ever played Pokemon or been a fan of Pokemon, you know that Pokemon cards are considered legendary. They have always been the premium pick for Pokemon card collectors because they feature the coolest Pokemon like Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, and Lugia, making these cards rare. Well, you can add more legendary cards to your Pokemon collection in the following ways:

Purchase new Pokemon cards from the retail store:

You can upgrade your Pokemon card collection by purchasing new cards from the retail store. Buy individual packs that carry a variety of cards along with a rare card, which could be a great addition to the legendary Pokemon card collection. 

You can also purchase promotional tins, and look for packs such as ’Pokemon card Legendary VMAX’ for sale on different websites or physical stores. It will give you the advantage of adding up the rarest card to your collection without spending much money.

Purchase second-hand cards:

Some of the shops sell used Pokemon cards, this way, you can get individual rare cards that you want to add to your cards library. Moreover, rare cards are expensive due to their high demand. Some players used to sell old cards when they did not need them, so you can purchase those cards without paying a high price.

You can also get used cards more easily on individual sellers such as eBay by checking their reviews, and you get exactly what you want. In addition to this, you can also purchase yard sales, where you can find loads of cards.

You must invest to buy these legendary cards, although you can easily find these cards at minimal prices on sales or special discounts from authentic sources or purchase them from your friend. You can also get a legendary Pokemon card for free if you get it in exchange for other card competitions and with your friends.

What is the best legendary Pokemon card?

These cards are exceptional but if you are using them in the standard version of the game, they don’t seem to have much power. Some of the worldwide favorite Pokemon cards are listed below:

Suicune; Entei

When combined, Suicine and Entei beat the opponent Pokemon making 80 damage even to the most active opponent. It leaves the burned status effect and damages the opponent more quickly.

Ho-OH (Heart gold, Soul silver)

Ho-Oh is a fire Pokemon and can convert any type of fire energy therefore it can be used in any deck. The Ho-Oh is attached with 4 energy cards and is one of the most popular Pokemon gaming cards.

Rayquaza; Deoxys

This card is capable of causing 150 devastating damages to the opponent. If you beat your opponent using this card you will get an extra card prize each time you beat your opponent. By making a win each time, you will be adding up a lot to your extra prize cards.

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The best legendary card can differ depending on your choices and goals. If you are a player, then you must be prioritizing the cards that are much more powerful in the TCG, but if you are an enthusiast collector, you would be prioritizing the cards based on their artwork and illustration. The value of the cards and their significance then could be different for you in both of the conditions, furthermore, the market trends and promotional deals could also elevate the ranks of these Pokemon cards.

How to get legendary Pokemon cards for free?

Due to the increased demand, unique creativity, and artworks the legendary Pokemon cards are most popular among collectors and hence are hard to buy. Have you ever thought of getting these cards for free? As you are well aware, such are rare and expensive Pokemon cards. Here are some ways that you can go to add legendary or rare Pokemon cards to your collection without breaking your wallet.

Participation in events and tournaments:

One way to get these special cards for free is to participate in contests and tournaments organized by the local game shop and online platforms. These events offer different promotional cards containing legendary cards to the winner as a prize for their accomplishment. If you are a member of any local Pokemon community, then keep watching for the announcement of such competitions and events.

Trading forum:

Trading forums and websites are the easiest way to get Pokemon cards for free. Several trading platforms allow the pokemon enthusiast to exchange their cards with one another. Participation in such a community allows you to exchange a card that is no longer in use with the card you are looking forward to adding to your Pokemon card library.

Check for local Pokemon events:

By attending local Pokemon events, you can also get the Pokemon card search for the local community that organizes the Pokemon event in your locality, if such events happen, do attend as they distribute free Pokemon cards to all the attendees. In this way, you can get the Pokemon cards without spending a penny.

Check for special promotions:

Pokemon’s official channel often announces special promotions, so keep an eye on such promotions. The company often releases free cards or announces giveaways at special events like Christmas, Easter, and anniversary celebrations. Do not miss such opportunities to grab your legendary Pokemon cards for free.

Pokemon TCG app:

Pokemon TCG apps and games are one of the fun ways to get the rarest and most popular Pokemon cards without breaking the bank. All you need is to participate in the TCG app, they offer in-game rewards to the players and that reward could be your favorite legendary Pokemon card.

What makes the legendary Pokemon card so worthy?

Have you ever thought about why legendary Pokemon cards were introduced in Pokemon and what makes them so valuable? They were introduced in the early days of the Pokemon trading card games. These Pokemon cards come with unique features that make them rare and incredible. The legendary card introduces its Pokemon fans to the most fascinating and unique creatures.

Most of these legendary Pokemon cards were available as promotional cards or limited edition sets and even some legendary Pokemon card packs, making them the most rare cards. These cards come in amazing designs showing remarkable artwork and holographic touches, featuring the most amazing and iconic characters in the series that increase their worth.

  • The famous Legendary Pokemon cards such as Mewtwo are well known for their strong gameplay abilities. These cards are sold for as much as $2659.84 at high pricing.
  • Another legendary card, the Lugia legend, is the most wanted card by the collector because the two cards join to create a powerful house, this unique feature makes it more and more valuable.

So, if you are an enthusiast of Pokemon legendary cards and want to add more to your card collection, you should not miss the treasure of the legendary series.

Existential Crisis: 

As these legendary cards were made in such a smaller amount, their existence and possibility of owning one is about 10% out of a hundred, but there are three types of packs where these legendary Pokémon cards packs are known to be found they are: 

  • Triumphant pack 
  • HeartGold and SoulSilver series
  • Unleashed pack 

How to know if a Pokemon card is legendary?

The Pokemon cards are considered legendary in the Pokemon mythos. All those Pokemon trading cards on which the “Legend” is written next to the name are considered legendary Pokemon cards.

These cards like Ho-Oh and Lugia are linked mainly to Heartgold and Soul silver sets.

Moreover, these legendary cards are identified by their specific symbols. Look for cards with distinctive signs such as diamonds, stylized stars, or other distinct marks. These marks indicate how rare and significant these Pokemon cards are. Legendary Pokemon cards also come with a unique painting that showcases the Pokemon’s legendary status. These cards also appear to have a legendary text thematically tied to the status to completely elaborate the Pokemon character.

Identification of the legendary Pokemon card is necessary to understand its significance in the Pokemon trading card game (TCG). Once you have an idea of the markers of the legendary Pokemon card, you can better use it, or trade it with the Pokemon community or with your friends whenever you desire. 

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Common misconception 

There are many common misconceptions among people that have the limited edition dual ‘Legend cards’.They state that they can use a ‘single legendary card’, but that is not true. The thing about these limited edition legendary cards was that they cannot be used in one piece as they come into two pieces themselves, without these two pieces your card is incomplete and cannot be used. There are about 10-15 types of such dual present worldly. For example 

  • Cresselia And Darkrai 
  • Groudon And Kyogre 
  • Entei and Raikou

Rare Pokémon card

The Pokémon cards are marked based on their special designs and unique artwork drawn on them. Other than the artistic appearance of the card you should also be able to recognize if the Pokémon card is rare or not. 

To identify you need to notice the bottom corner of the cards, in case of the presence of a diamond, star, or nothing but space. A diamond is usually an indication of an uncommon card or Legend. Whereas the star is a representation of a rare Pokémon card. 

Mythical Pokemon cards

Mythical Pokemon cards are rare and in-demand Pokemon cards,  mainly sought by Pokemon card collectors. Due to their high demand, they are usually sold for higher prices on eBay and other online marketplaces. 

The mythical Pokemon card has a specific serial number and has original artwork. The reason that contributes to their extreme price is their limited quantity and unique features. Mythical Pokemon are also known as mirage Pokemon or event-exclusive Pokemon. They were once considered a part of Legendary Pokemon. Let’s look at one of the most popular and expensive mythical Pokemon cards and why it was so.

Pikachu illustrator

Pikachu Illustrator is the most expensive Pokemon card; it was traded in July 2021 for $5.275 million. The card is so costly because it is one of the rarest cards. In 1997 and 1998, it was given to the winners of a promo contest. The other reason that pitches into the rarity of the card is its distinctive features. It is the only Pokemon illustrator card that comes with a pen icon at the underside right corner to acknowledge its invention for the design competition. The foremost designer of Pokemon, Atsuko Nishida, is accountable for the artwork of this mystical card. The Pikachu illustrator card is so rare that it has 23 copies authorized by professional sports authenticators, and only 39 are thought to be 

Total existence

As Pokémon cards are made in a very limited amount there are a total of 65-70 legendary Pokémon cards and about 20 to 25 mythical Pokémon cards present. Further on these cards are divided into different generations: 

1st Generations:

Here is a list of the first generation of legendary Pokémon cards ever released back in 1996. These belong to the Kanto Region. The Pokemons include:


Appearance: Bird-like appearance. 

Color: Yellow with black marks. 

Power: Electrifying bird

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 145

Mewtwo: Belongs to Mew Dou group. 

Appearance: A mixture of cat and dinosaur. 

Color: white 

Power: psychic 

Abilities: Strong fighting abilities 

Series number 150 


Appearance: Bird 

Color: Blue 

Power: Produces Ice attacks 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 144


Appearance: Bird with fire. 

Color: Yellow and orange 

Power: Fires 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 146 

2nd Generation:

This was the second generation of the Pokémon cards, also known as ‘the legendary collection of 2002’. This overall set of cards has a metal appearance. This is also known as the Base set 2. The Pokemons include:

Ho-oh: This legendary Pokémon was also known as the first ever anime Pokémon to be ever seen on screen. 

Appearance: bird 

Color: red with green and yellow wings. 

Power: fire 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 250. 


Appearance: A giant dog. 

Color: Brown 

Power: fire 

Abilities: extremely fast. 

Series number: 244


Appearance: A wild tiger with huge teeth.

Color: Yellow with black stripes. 

Power: Electrical 

Abilities: Fast and strong. 

Series number: 243 


Appearance: Flying dragon 

Power: Psychic 

Abilities: Flight

Series number: 249


Appearance: A huge dog 

Color: Blue 

Power: Water 

Abilities: Can swim 

Series number: 245

3rd generation

After the release of the second generation, in 2002, the third generation was released up till 2006. The Pokemons include:


Appearance: Metallic Robot 

Color: Gray

Power: Steel-like body 

Abilities: Slow and strong 

Series number: 379


Appearance: Snake/Dragon 

Color: green

Abilities: flight. 

Series number: 384


Appearance: Plane-like dragon 

Color:  Red and white 

Power:  Psychic  

Abilities: Very fast. 

Series number: 380


Appearance: Dinosaur  

Color: Red 

Power: ground. 

Abilities: can hold huge rocks. 

Series number: 383. 


Appearance: Rock monsters

Color: shades of gray and brown 

Power: Rocks 

Abilities: Can easily blend in any earthy areas

Series number: 377



Appearance: Plane-like dragon 

Color:  Blue 

Power:  Psychic  

Abilities: Very fast. 

Series number: 381


Appearance: Whale

Color: Blue 

Power: Water 

Abilities: Can swim and walk on land 

Series number: 382


Appearance: Ice monster 

Color: Blue 

Power: Ice 

Abilities: can blend with water 

Series number: 378

4th generation:

After the final legendary release of the third generation. The 4th generation was released until 2010. This Generation was also easily available in the old famous HeartGold and Soul silver card packs. The Pokemons include:

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Appearance: Insect/Dragon 

Color: Grey, black, yellow, and red. 

Power: Ghost dragon

Abilities: Can survive in both land and air

Series number: 487


Appearance: A small animal 

Color: grey and pink 

Power: psychic 

Abilities: Extremely fast 

Series number: 481


Appearance: tortoise 

Color: Red and grey. 

Power: fire 

Abilities: Has steel-like strength. 

Series number: 485


Appearance: A small animal 

Color: Grey and Yellow 

Power: psychic 

Abilities: Small and fast. 

Series number: 480


Appearance: dinosaur or dragon 

Color: grey 

Power: Water 

Abilities: dragon 

Series number: 484


Appearance: Unique and unusual flower. 

Color: Pink and yellow. 

Power: psychic 

Abilities: Blends in with greenery 

Series number: 488


Appearance: A small animal. 

Color: Dark grey with red spot on head. 

Power: psychic 

Abilities: Can jump high. 

Series number: 482 

5th generation:

After the release of the final card from the 4th generation in 2010 the fifth generation cards were launched up till 2013. The Pokemons include:


Appearance: horse 

Color: Blue 

Power: steel  

Abilities: fighting 

Series number: 638


Appearance: dragon 

Color: white 

Power: fire 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 643 


Appearance: dragon 

Color: Black 

Power: Electric 

Abilities: flight and speed 

Series number:644 


Appearance: bear 

Color: brown and grey 

Power: Rock 

Abilities: fighting 

Series number: 639


Appearance: dragon 

Color: Dark grey 

Power: ice 

Abilities: fast and long jumps. 

Series number: 646 


Appearance: monster 

Color: grey and blue 

Power: electrical 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 642


Appearance: horse or deer 

Color: green 

Power: Grass 

Abilities: strong fighter 

Series number: 640 


Appearance: monster 

Color: Green and purple

Power: Wind 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 641

6th generation:

This generation was released after 2016. The Pokemons include:


Appearance: slug 

Color: green and black 

Power: ground 

Abilities: dragon abilities 

Series number: 718 


Appearance: deer 

Color: Dark blue with colorful horns 

Power: fairy 

Abilities: Flight 

Series number: 716 


Appearance: monster 

Color: black and red 

Power: Dark energy 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 717

7th generation:

This generation of legendary cards was released till 2019. The Pokemons include:


Appearance: large dog 

Color: White and grey 

Power: Steel

Abilities: Psychic

Series number: 791

Tapu Bulu  

Appearance: small animal with wings 

Color: Red, black, and yellow 

Power: grass. 

Abilities: flight and is a fairy. 

Series number: 787


Appearance: A small robot with an eye. 

Color: Yellow 

Power: psychic 

Abilities: Flight 

Series number: 790


Appearance: Artwork 

Color: purple and blue 

Power: psychic 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 789


Appearance: Dragon-like 

Color: Purple 

Power: psychic 

Abilities: Is a Ghost 

Series number: 792

Tapu Fini  

Appearance: small insect 

Color: Dark purple and grey 

Power: Water 

Abilities: is a fairy 

Series number: 788

Tapu Koko  

Appearance: Mystic creature 

Color: green, red, and orange 

Power: Fairy  

Abilities: Electrical abilities 

Series number: 785

Tapu Lele  

Appearance: small animal 

Color: pink and black 

Power: Fairy 

Abilities: Psychic 

Series number: 786

8th generation:

After the last release of the seventh generation in 2019, the eighth generation was released up till 2022. The Pokemons include:


Appearance: insect 

Color: Yellowish green 

Power: Electric 

Abilities: Land and can blend in flowers 

Series number: 894


Appearance: Horse 

Color: Black 

Power: flight 

Abilities: Is a form of ghost 

Series number: 897


Appearance: flying insect 

Color: Red 

Power: Poison 

Abilities: Is a dragon 

Series number: 890 


Appearance: Cat, dragon, or snake

Color: Shades of pink 

Power: psychic  

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 899


Appearance: A plant 

Color: green and red 

Power: rocks and land 

Abilities: strength and is a dragon. 

Series number 895 


Appearance: A muscular big bird 

Color: Black 

Power: dark and water 

Abilities: Strength. 

Series number: 892


Appearance: dog 

Color: Red and dark purple 

Power: land 

Abilities: can fight 

Series number: 889


Appearance: Enormous flower 

Color: Dark green and grey 

Power: grass 

Abilities: Is psychic 

Series number: 898 


Appearance: Horse 

Color: white 

Power: Ice 

Abilities: speed and long jumps 

Series number: 896 


Appearance: A costume 

Color: grey 

Power: rocks 

Abilities: Fighting 

Series number: 891


Appearance: Dog 

Color: Dark blue and orange 

Power: Fairy 

Abilities: strength and speed. 

Series number: 888

9th generation:

Also known as, the only generation with no mythical Pokémon to be released till date. This generation started launching their Pokémon from 2022 still. The Pokemons include:

Ting Lu 

Appearance: branches or rocks 

Color: Woody brown and grassy green. 

Power: ground 

Abilities: Dark energy 

Series number: 1003 


Appearance: snake or dragon 

Color: Prussian blue 

Power: Electrical 

Abilities: flight 

Series number: 1008 

Wo Chien  

Appearance: snail 

Color: Leafy green and woody brown 

Power: Grass 

Abilities: Dark energy 

Series number: 1001 


Appearance: Dragon 

Color: Red 

Power: Fire and land 

Abilities: Strength 

Series number 1007 

Chien Pao 

 Appearance: water Dinosaur 

Color: white 

Power: Ice 

Abilities: Dark energy 

Series number: 1002 

Chi Yu  

Appearance: A fish 

Color: Orange and red 

Power: Fire 

Abilities: Dark energy 

Series number: 1004


From having little knowledge to owning your legendary cards is overall a very hard, yet exciting journey that results in remarkable results. But to obtain those remarkable results, it is necessary to understand the rarity of the cards and the ability to identify your desired cards. Therefore always research before getting your hands on them.