Understanding the Mewtwo Pokemon card value can be a rewarding journey for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Mewtwo has always been one of my favorite Pokémon characters, and I’ve been a huge Pokémon fan for a long time. Incredibly, Mewtwo has entered the world of trading cards, where they may be acquired and used by collectors and players alike. These cards are significant in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), a strategic and fun card game that brings the Pokémon universe to life.

The wide range of rarity and potential value among Mewtwo cards is remarkable. Each card’s value is determined by its rarity, condition, and placement within its own set.

In this article, we’ll examine the factors determining Mewtwo card’s value and the varying prices placed on these collectibles.

Top 10 Mewtwo Pokemon Cards Value & Card Types

Mewtwo is a staple and a powerhouse in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). Thus, many different Mewtwo cards have been developed throughout the years. The rarity, design, and abilities of these cards are all different. Some popular variations of Mewtwo Pokémon cards include:

1. 1999 Pokemon base set: 1st edition Mewtwo cards_$36

Trading cards from the Pokémon brand, including the highly sought-after Pokémon Base Set, were initially released in 1999. The Shadowless Holo Mewtwo from the 1st Edition set is one of the most sought-after and iconic cards in Pokémon TCG lore. The information on this card is as follows:

  • Card number: First Edition Shadowless Holo Mewtwo is card number 10/102 in the Base Set.
  • Rarity: This card is rare since it was printed in the initial edition of the Base Set. These cards are relatively inexpensive compared to later printings. Mewtwo Pokemon card’s basic value is $48.86. The original Pokémon picture box was called “Shadowless” because no shadow was on the right side.
  • Holographic foil: Mewtwo pops off the card due to the holographic foil background.
  • Value: The value of a 1st Edition Shadowless Holo Mewtwo card depends heavily on its grade, centring, and overall condition. Depending on its condition and the grading service utilized, this card can be worth anything from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Rare, high-quality copies in pristine condition have commanded even more significant sums in the past.
  • Popularity: Mewtwo’s fame and adoration among Pokémon fans increase the card’s desirability and value.

2. Shining Mewtwo_$423

Mewtwo debuted in his “Shining” form in Shining Destiny and the other seven “Shining” Pokémon. This set of cards introduces a novel and stunning aesthetic element to the Pokémon TCG: embossed foil etching on the character’s section of the artwork. Due to its unusual style and low availability, Shining Mewtwo is a highly sought-after collectable card.

3. Mega Mewtwo

Many Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) Mega Mewtwo cards have common characteristics. The five most distinguishing characteristics of Mega Mewtwo cards are as follows:

  • Mega Evolution: Mega Mewtwo cards feature Mewtwo in their temporary and powerful Mega Evolution form. A Mega Mewtwo card, a Mewtwo card, and a Spirit Link card are the usual requirements for a successful Mega Evolve. This improvement significantly increases power.
  • High Attack Power: Mega Mewtwo cards have a reputation for having a strong attack power. Their attacks tend to be rather potent and can often inflict significant damage on the Pokémon of your opponent. There may be extra effects or types of energy needed for these strikes.
  • Psychic Typing: Due to Mewtwo’s innate Psychic type in the Pokémon series, Mega Mewtwo cards are often of that type. This typing has advantages and disadvantages in the TCG and works well with Psychic-type support cards.
  • Ability and Attack Variability: A wide range of abilities and attacks is available on Mega Mewtwo cards. These can vary widely between Mega Mewtwo cards, giving players several tactical choices. Healing, damage manipulation, and energy acceleration are all examples of the impacts that abilities can have.
  • EX or GX Classification: Most Mega Mewtwo cards fall within the EX or GX rarity range. These Pokémon are marked as Legendary because of their high HP and the fact that they surrender two Prize cards when vanquished. It also makes them essential to many competitive decks because of the availability of devastating EX or GX attacks and abilities.
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4. GX Mewtwo

Mewtwo GX Pokémon-GX cards are the strongest in the game and have access to one-time-use GX attacks. There have been several distinct Mewtwo-GX cards, each with a unique GX attack.

5. Mewtwo EX_$122

First introduced in the Pokémon TCG’s Ruby and Sapphire set, these cards are extremely rare and nostalgic. They’ve a very decent price on TCG players. Apart from this, the faux-3D style of these cards also makes them rare in the sets.

6. Mewtwo VMAX

VMAX cards, which feature Mewtwo in its Dynamax and Gigamax versions, debut in the Sword & Shield series. The HP and attacks of Mewtwo VMAX cards are tremendous.

7. Mewtwo e-Card_$147

Previously e-Cards were part of the last Pokémon TCG set, then printing rights transferred back to the Pokémon Company. To unlock mini-games and exclusive features, these cards are scanned with the Nintendo e-Reader. These cards are incredibly rare due to their limited printing and less demand in the West, that’s why they’ve high value.

8. Secret Rare Mewtwo

These come with artwork and rarity symbols, which may be found in some collections. Collectors place a great value on these items.

9. Promotional Mewtwo

Mewtwo promotional cards have been distributed at conventions, in limited-edition sets, and as part of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

10. Mewtwo Gold Star_$397

Alternative artwork is included in some Mewtwo cards giving collectors more variety. These star cards are extremely rare and considered shiny versions of Pokemon. Among them, Pikachu star and Charizard star cards have higher values. Mewtwo Gold Star from the Pokémon TCG’s Holon Phantoms set is also popular with a value of $380. In 2012, one PSA 10-graded version of the card was sold for $12000.

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Base set holo

Pokemon base set(shadowless and 1st edition


Mewtwo GX

GX card

Shining legends, hidden fates


Mewtwo EX

EX card

Various sets(e.g EX Ruby & Sapphire)


Mewtwo VMAX

VMAX card

Darkness ablaze


Mewtwo secret rare

Secret rare card

Many sets(e.g Shining legends)


Promotional Mewtwo

Promotional cards

Various promotional events


Mewtwo gold star

Ex Holon phantoms

Pokemon holon phantoms


Shining Mewtwo

Psychic type basic

Shining legends, holo rare


Mega Mewtwo

Psychic-type legendary pokemon

Mega Mewtwo EX


Mewtwo e-card


Pokemon e expedition base se


Mewtwo pokemon Halloween card

Mewtwo holo card

Trick and trade


The Value and Rarity of Cards

Rarity is a significant factor in the Pokémon TCG collections market, making some cards more desirable and valuable. In the case of Mewtwo Pokémon cards, several elements contribute to their rarity and collectibility.

Card Set:

The rarity of a card depends heavily on the series it was first printed in. Due to lower availability, cards from limited-edition sets tend to command a higher price.

Holographic Foil:

Collectors place a higher value on holographic or foil versions of cards since they are more challenging to come by. The shimmering, reflecting foil design on these cards is quite eye-catching.


Legendary or mythological Pokémon, such as Mewtwo, are naturally more desirable than regular Pokémon because of their rarity. More collectors focus on these cards because of their scarcity.

Special edition and promotions:

The Pokémon Trading Card Game frequently issues special editions, promotional cards, and limited runs, increasing the rarity and collectibility of individual cards.

Card Condition:

A card’s condition is of the utmost importance to collectors. Cards that haven’t been creased, scratched, or dented are worth more than those with any wear.

What variables affect the Value of Pokemon Mewtwo cards?

The interest of collectors, rarity, issue size, and condition are all factors to consider. We’ll break into what makes a Mewtwo Pokemon card so desirable:

Rarity Enhances Value:

Cards of a more incredible rarity are more valuable than those of a lower monster. It includes rare prints, promotional cards, and old cards from long-forgotten series.

Condition of the Card:

The condition of a card is the most crucial component in determining its value. The value of a deck of cards increases if none of the cards exhibits any evidence of damage, such as wear, scratches, or bending.

First-Edition Premium:

First-edition cards (those with a “1st Edition” stamp) are the most valuable. Since these are the original editions, collectors are willing to pay a premium for them.

The Holographic Effect:

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Cards with a foil pattern that shimmers in the light, known as the holographic (Holo) effect, are often more valuable than their non-holographic counterparts. They are more aesthetically pleasing and helpful.

Collection of Trading Cards:

The value of a collection of trading cards will depend on whether the cards are from a famous or historically significant set or series. The Pokemon Base Set from 1999 is a perfect example of a collectable that has maintained its value.

Mewtwo Pokémon Card Values and Market Trends

Mewtwo Pokémon cards can range significantly in price depending on their rarity, condition, and the demand from collectors. The value of some Mewtwo trading cards has skyrocketed throughout the years.

Scarcity and demand have led to significant price hikes for vintage Mewtwo cards, particularly those from the first Pokémon TCG sets. Collectors highly sought-after cards released for a limited time or in restricted quantities.

Collectors place a great value on card quality, and professionally graded cards, which measure condition and authenticity, typically sell for more than their ungraded counterparts. Cards that bring back fond memories for longstanding Pokémon fans, such as Mewtwo from the original Base Set, maintain their value and popularity.


In the exciting pastime of collecting Pokemon trading cards, Mewtwo is one of the most well-known and valuable Pokemon. Demand for Mewtwo Pokemon cards rises as more individuals get interested in ordering. There is more to a Mewtwo card than meets the eye, whether it be a Shadowless Holo Mewtwo from the initial printing of the Base Set or a lovely Halloween variation.

As you sort through your old card collection, watch for any Mewtwo cards you may have. It’s conceivable that you have something in your possession that is far more valuable than you give it credit for. This article covered the Mewtwo Pokemon card values in detail and I hope it was helpful!

Let us know about your favorite Mewtwo Pokemon card in the comment section!


1. Which Pokémon card is the most valuable?

Espeon and Umbreon are among the rarest Pokemon cards, making Gold Star cards one of the most costly Pokemon sets ever made. Gold Star Pokemon cards are among the rarest and most valuable in the whole Pokemon card-collecting community.

2. Which of these Pokemon cards is worth $10,000?

In mint condition, the Shadowless Charmander from the first series of Pokémon trading cards sold for a whopping ten grand. It’s important to remember that this Charmander card is far from the only kind and they are much more expensive.

3. How rare is Mewtwo among Pokémon?

The Mewtwo card was created by Ken Sugimori, who is the chief artist and illustrator of the Pokemon company. This card from the first edition base set is considered one of the rarest cards. In Pokemon TCG, it is among the most valuable cards.