Are you a Pokemon card fanatic and want to figure out when does Walmart restock Pokemon? This article has all of your curiosities, from Pokemon restocked timing to having your favorite Pokemon cards without a hassle.

Pokemon trading card Game has an extra level of popularity nowadays but that popularity has left its collectors with a struggle to collect Pokemon new cards. Being an individual who loves Pokemon cards and has a residence in the US, your good-to-go choice would be no other than Walmart.

Walmart is the most common and trustworthy physical mart for many people to buy Pokemon cards because Walmart is easily accessible, and most people visit Walmart for everyday shopping. Still, what if Walmart runs out of Pokemon cards? In that circumstance, a question might arise in your mind: what day does Walmart restock Pokemon cards?

Well, you need to know about their restock days and times so you can get your favorite Pokemon cards as early as possible, and you do not have to bother with collecting your favorite Pokemon cards. So, let’s dive deeper to figure out when Walmart restocks Pokemon.

What day does Walmart restock Pokemon cards?

What day does Walmart restock Pokemon cards?

Due to the rapid increase in Pokemon popularity, it has been seen that most of the small retailers run out of supply much earlier, but this seems to proceed even with giants like Walmart.

Walmart restocks Pokemon trading cards a couple of days per week, usually overnight when stores are closed. When refilled, you can have the card from the next day or usually get it at midnight if it is a 24-hour Walmart. The most appropriate time to find Pokemon cards at Walmart is 7 a.m., right after the store opens.

But here, the matter of fact is that the restock days and timing of Pokemon differs between various Walmart stores. Several stores receive their shipment daily, many of them resupply every week, while others may receive it every month.

To know the actual time and day of a Pokemon card restock, you have to visit the store multiple times in a day. The moment of the restock varies depending upon the location and area of the Walmart, but whenever you ask the Walmart staff about the Pokemon refill, you can have a better and exact idea of how often does Walmart restock Pokemon and when.

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What company stocks Pokemon cards at Walmart?

Many of us believe that Walmart brings out the Pokemon cards in the Walmart store but it’s not authentic. You might be guessing who is then accountable for the restock of Pokemon at Walmart.

Pokemon cards are carried out to Walmart by the dealers that sell these cards to them. Their staff is in charge of positioning the Pokemon cards on the racks of Walmart, not the Walmart team.

That’s why it is tough to anticipate the restock timing. Currently, MJ Holding is the foremost stockist for Pokemon cards at Walmart. The staff of MJ Holding vary from place to place, and the hour they restock the Pokemon at distinct Walmart stores is also different.

Has Walmart stopped selling Pokemon cards?

For the Pokemon card fan and the customers who used to purchase Pokemon cards from the Walmart store in a much more convenient way, this is to notify you that Walmart has not stopped selling Pokemon yet.

Although they were out of stock in late 2020 and early 2021, most users thought that Walmart had stopped selling the Pokemon card is not true. 

You may also notice that occasionally, Walmart runs low on stock of Pokemon cards or runs out of it because the cards get sold as rapidly as they are put right on the shelves. Such situations usually develop in the case of promotional cards.

Tips to buy your new Pokemon cards at Walmart more rapidly

To have your hands on the new Pokemon cards more rapidly for Walmart, follow these tips and tricks:

Visit the store early in the morning:

To increase your chances of getting your desired Pokemon card more effortlessly or you want to get the most Rarest Pokemon Card, you need to visit the Walmart store between 6 am to 8 am; as an early riser, it will be a promising chance to get your new pork on the card as your morning perk.

Check the Walmart app:

Walmart has designed an app to give its users a more convenient experience. To check for the Pokemon cards, you must keep checking the app, as it will inform you about the Pokemon products available in the store so that you can readily purchase them whenever you want.

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If you want to avoid checking the app repeatedly, simply turn on the notification for the Walmart app so that you get notifications whenever your desired Pokemon product is available in the store.

Check the Walmart official site:

By keeping a check on Walmart’s website, you can save both your time and your energy. But how can you do that? It would help if you kept checking the website for the availability of new Pokemon cards; merely enter your zip code and search for the specific cards.

It will let you know whether a Pokemon trading card is available at your nearby store or if you need to wait more. It will save you from the hassle of visiting the store multiple times to let you comprehend Pokemon card availability.

Contact store manager:

If you have a problem regarding your Pokemon card, a thing that can resolve this problem is to make a speech with the store manager. The store manager can convey the bundle information regarding the Pokemon product and when they will supply the specific Pokemon card so that you can visit the mart.

You can also ask the store manager to give you a call when the card is available. You can also ask the store administrator to let you know via email when the card is obtainable.

Check for Promotions and deals:

Walmart most often seems linked with promotional cards and specialties. It will run deals on specific holidays like Easter and Christmas, and you can take advantage of them by saving money on discounts and sales. Keep updated on these advertisements so that you can have a chance to get the newly released Pokemon cards or the restocked Pokesman cards. 

Sign up for the Walmart’s newsletter:

If you want to stay informed and updated about the latest deals and promotions, subscribe to the Walmart newsletter. It keeps you updated and notified about the latest releases and restocks.

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How to buy a Pokemon card at the Walmart website?

Walmart’s website is one of the most appropriate sites to purchase Pokemon cards. Follow the below-given steps to buy a Pokemon card from the Walmart website:

  • Visit the Walmart official website at
  • Create a Walmart account, if you already have an account, then log in to your pre-existing account.
  • Locate the search bar, and then by that bar search for the particular Pokemon card of your interest.
  • Click on that card.
  • Click on “Add to cart”.
  • Select all the items of your interest.
  • Then move to the checkout.
  • Select the payment option you prefer.
  • Make payment and have your desired Pokemon card.
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Why are Pokemon cards sold out everywhere?

If you ever tried to buy a Pokemon trading card, you might have noticed that it has sold out everywhere. Have you wondered why this happens? Due to the popularity of the Pokemon game, even gigantic stores like Walmart do not appear to have the hot and trendy Pokemon cards.

The main reason for the demand for Pokemon cards and the rise in their retail price is because of social media streamers. The card opening videos have become immensely popular on YouTube. Impressive card-pulling videos created by influencers continue to intensify Pokemon card demand and prices. 

What other retailers besides Walmart sell Pokemon cards?

Yes, several other stores also sell Pokemon in cards in addition to Walmart. Some of these stores are:

  • Meijer
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Best buy
  • Amazon
  • Target


Walmart is not responsible for restocking the Pokemon cards on its own; instead, the main dealer to handle the stock is MJ Holdings. As the restocking is not handled by Walmart, it is difficult to predict what tims Walmart restock Pokemon. The dealer staff restocked the Pokemon cards at Walmart at distinct times.

The restock timing and days vary for different stores in distinct areas; it could be on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis in different stores depending upon the location, any upcoming event, or advertising. 

To add the latest Pokemon card to your card collection you need to keep checking the Walmart website from time to time, don’t forget to turn on notifications from the Walmart app for your desired Pokemon card, and make sure to visit the Walmart store early in the morning so that you can get to know when does walmart restock pokemon cards and you extend your Pokemon card collection in a hassle-free manner.