It belongs to the last category of Pokemon TCG from the series Sword and Shield. This was released in 2023. 

Just like the shiny Pokémon cards introduced in one of its evolutionary series, these Silver Tempest cards were carefully designed to appeal to their users by being shinier than other decks or series that were present previously. Here you will find out the top from the Silver Tempest card list

Silver Tempest Card List



Top 10 best Pokemon sword and shield silver tempest card list


Here, you will find brief information on the top10 cards from this tempest series: 

  • Duraludon VMax:

Coming in on top of the list is Duraludon VMax. Belonging to the ‘dragon’ type of Pokémon. It is an evolution from Duraludon V. 

With its HP of 330, this beautiful gigantic Pokemon with a single strike of its ‘skyscrapers’, can damage any Pokémon up to 220x times. 

This Pokémon has no weakness and is very strong against fish fighting and steel Pokemon with its ‘G-max Pulverization’ attacks. This Pokémon’s retreating power to 3 stars.

This Pokemon silver tempest card price is known to reach up to 50$. 


2) Regieleki Vmax

Coming on also on our top Pokémon TCG silver tempest card list is Regieleki Vmax. 

With an HP of 310, this Pokemon belongs to the ‘electricity’ producing type Pokemon. It has evolved from Regieleki V. Its ‘lightning and Max thunder’ can damage the opponent up to 220x times, giving the opponent a disastrous blast and maybe knockout.

Although with its great power, it does possess a minor weakness, such as fist-fighting Pokemon, who can not stand a chance against this Pokemon but can damage it. On being knocked out this Polemon can give its opponent 3 cards.  

This Pokemon silver tempest card value can reach up to 30$ each. With this value, you would definitely need to store it in a hard case

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3)  Blaziken Vmax: 

Coming in number third on our list is Blaziken Vmax, boosting an HP of 320. This Pokémon falls under the fire type and exhibits high resistance against other Pokémons. It is also one of the strongest Pokemon in the entire  Silver Tempest series cards.

 Evolving from Blazikem V, this Pokémon wields the mighty ‘clutch attack’ that damages other Pokémon up to 130x times. While it may be slightly vulnerable against water-type Pokémon. Bravely it doesn’t back down, making its retreating power to 2 stars. On losing against the opponent, which sounds impossible, this Pokemon can give it 3 cards. 

This Pokemon has a value of up to 25$. 


4)   Regidrago Vstar

Coming in number 4th on the list is, Regidrago Vstar. With an HP of 280, this Pokémon is an evolution form of Regigdrago V. It belongs to the type of ‘dragon’ with zero weaknesses against any ‘type’ of Pokémon strength. This Pokémon is unstoppable with its ‘apex Dragon’ attack, which can easily paralyze the other Pokémon. Its ability includes ‘legacy star’ and can top up to 7 cards in your deck. On being knocked out, this Pokemon can give its opponent 2 cards.   

This special Pokemon from Pokemon Silver Tempest card list price is about 25$-30$. 


5) Lugia Vstar  

Upcoming next is the Pokémon TCG silver tempest card list, which is the Lugia Vstar. With an overall Hp of 280 even when it belongs to the ‘normal’ type. This Pokemon has evolved from Lugia V.

It can easily make its enemies lose up to 220x times its energy because of its powerful ‘Tempest Dive’. Further on, it can easily prove very damageable towards fist-fighting Pokemon, unfortunately, it can still become weak in front of high-powered electrical Pokemon such as if it goes against its own series ‘Regielleki Vmax’ or others e.g Ampharos from the best electrical Pokemon.

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This Pokemon silver tempest card price can value up to 20$


6) Ho-Oh V

Coming in next on our list is Ho-Oh V. Although this Pokémon belongs to the normal type in this series, its ancestors from other Pokémon series belonged to the category of legendary Pokemon card Ho-Oh (heart gold, soul silver). 

With an HP of 230, this Pokémon can easily damage its opponent by its ‘reviving flames’ up to 30x times more, and even 100x times more to its five-star ‘rainbow Burns’. Its weakness is electrical Pokémon, but other Pokémon such as fist fighting Pokémon stand no chance in front of this deadly Pokémon. 

Its retreating energy is of 2 stars. If the opponent manages to defeat this fire-burning Pokémon, they can take up to 2 cards. This fierce Pokemon in Pokemon Silver tempest card list price can easily range up to 30$. 


7) Chesnaughy V

In the Pokemon sword and shield silver tempest card list, this Pokémon stands out as strongest amongst the grass types. 

With its HP of only 230, this Pokémon may look small but is very deadly because of its ability to ‘needle line’ its enemies. It has a rigid four-star retreating power, and its only weakness is fire Pokémons. Notably, it’s, the strongest capability of this Pokémon is that its ‘touch-down’ can damage the opponent up to 130x times. Unfortunately, if it is defeated or knocked out, the opponent can take 2 cards.  

This Pokemon silver tempest card value is up to 20$. 


8) Alolan Vulpix V star 

Also, making its way into our Pokémon TCG silver Tempest card list is Alolan Vulpix V star. This Pokemon stands out as one of the strongest water Pokémon with 240HP, evolving from Alolan Vulpix V.

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With its ‘Snow Miracle’ and ‘silvery snow star’ it can cause an intense from 70x-160x damage on their opponent. Although its worst enemies are steel Pokémon, they still have a retreating of one star. 

This Pokemon silver tempest card value is up to 15$. 


9) Uwon V star 

Next on the list is Uwon V star, a ‘psychic’ type of Pokémon with HP 250. It belongs to one of the strongest psychic Pokémon in this entire series after being evolved from Unown V. 

With its ‘tri power’, causes up to 70x damage to its enemies. Another notable ability includes ‘star Cipher’ which affects the enemy, especially fist fighting Pokémon. Although dark type Pokémon can fight against this Pokémon, their low-level dark can easily be defeated by its retreating of one star. 

It can be valued up to 15$.


10) Mawile V Star: 

Also, making it to the list, our last choice and the end of our Pokemon sword and shield silver tempest card list is Mawile V Star. With its HP of 260, belonging to type ‘physic’, this Pokemon has evolved from Mawile V. 

With its 2-star ‘sudden attack’ the enemy is left shocked and with a damage of 90x. Further on, its ability to ‘star rando’ can put more damage on the opponent. Their biggest weakness is steel Pokémon but, they can still retreat against weak powers such as trainer steel Pokemons 

Their estimated value can easily reach up to 13$.



If we have to choose one of the best from our silver tempest card list, it would undoubtedly be ‘Regieleki Vmax’ because of its ability to fight and damage its enemy up to 220, leaving them completely numb and powerless. Opponent Pokémons have no chance against this relentless Pokemon.