We know your appetite for Pokemon cards and checking their prices every now and then. Therefore, we have prepared a list for all your needs to figure out the best app for Pokemon card prices.

Best app for Pokemon card prices: our top picks

Since the revolutionary advent of Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering, one has not been really able to catch up with the pace with which popularity of Trading Card Games has risen.  Suddenly, these collectible cards are not just a game but are scaled to a level that they are being treated as stocks.

Generation Z and the art of making money

We live in an era of generation Z who have completely scrapped the idea of becoming professionals in a particular field. They have rather introduced to the world the concept of soft skills and shown their parents how money making is an art that can be done from the comfort of your sofa seats rather than toiling and sweating all day long for meager wages.

How much does a Pokemon card cost?

Among all other card trading games out there, Pokemon Card is the most popular and certainly the most valuable as well. The Pokémon company introduced Pokémon trading cards in 1996. Since its inception, their prices for first-edition cards have appreciated by over 10,000%. Even with the above figure being probably the biggest profit margin in any industry, still only a handful of people actually know what makes some Pokemon cards excellent investments.

How to check Pokemon card prices?

Even with the skyrocketing popularity of Pokemon Cards, it is not easy to follow the exact price of every Pokemon card. On the contrary, it is an impossible feat to track the precise cost and the rarity of these cards.

Above being said, however, you need not to worry at all as we have got you covered. In this article we will cover the apps that can help you to solve this problem. Here, we will list some of the best apps for tracking the exact price of Pokemon cards online. We will compare apps compatible both with IOS and Android so that you are just a click away in order to track and find the rarity of your Pokemon cards.

Pokemon card trading game

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) is a collectible card game based on the Pokémon franchise. It was first introduced in 1996 in Japan and was later released internationally. The game is developed and published by The Pokémon Company, which is a joint venture between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc.

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Pokemon card game: How is it played?

In the Pokémon TCG, players assume the role of Pokémon Trainers and use decks of Pokémon cards to battle against each other. Each player constructs their deck using a combination of Pokémon cards, Trainer cards, and Energy cards. 

The game play involves using Pokémon to attack the opponent’s Pokémon while managing resources such as Energy cards, drawing cards from the deck, and strategically using Trainer cards to gain an advantage. The goal is to “knock out” the opponent’s Pokémon by reducing their hit points to zero while protecting one’s own Pokémon.

Why Pokemon encourages card trading

Similar to the video games, the Pokémon TCG encourages collecting and trading cards to build stronger and more diverse decks. Booster packs containing a random assortment of cards can be purchased to expand a player’s collection. The game also features various expansions and sets that introduce new Pokémon, mechanics, and strategies.

The Pokémon TCG has maintained its popularity over the years and has become a significant part of the Pokémon franchise. It has a competitive scene with organized tournaments and events at both local and international levels. Just like the video games, the trading card game has a dedicated fan base that enjoys collecting, trading, and playing with Pokémon cards.

Why should I use an APP for Pokemon cards?

Using an app for Pokémon cards can offer various benefits, such as:

  1. Get Digital: You can create a digital inventory of your Pokémon cards, making it easy to keep track of your collection. So instead of keeping just old hard copies of your fav cards keep an inventory of them online saved with you on the go.
  2. Check Value: An app can provide real-time market value for Pokémon cards, helping you gauge the current worth of your collection. So having an app will help you check your ever rising card worth.
  3. Trading: With the right app choice you can connect with other collectors to trade or sell cards digitally, expanding your collection or making some extra money whenever you feel the need for it.
  4. Convenience: With an app, you can access your collection and card information anytime and anywhere, without carrying physical cards around.
  5. Get Organised: Apps often offer tools to help organize and categorize your cards, making it easier to manage and display your collection.
  6. Stay updated with the latest card information: keep yourself updated and informed about new card releases, game updates, and community news related to Pokémon cards.This will certainly get you socialized with the people who share common interests like yours.
  7. Augmented Reality: Some apps incorporate AR features, allowing you to interact with your cards in a virtual space. This also includes card scanners and other such latest technologies.
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Pokemon card price checker apps

All said and done, the most important question still is where to find pricing data on Pokemon Cards. Below are a few good options to consider:

  1. https://cardmavin.com/category/pokemon. First up on our pick list is a website that provides you with a great and easy insight into the value of the card. You just have to insert the card number and you can check any card price.


  1. TCGplayer
  2. Pokecardex
  3. Pokecardex
  4. PokeTCG Scanner-Dragon Shield

1. TCGplayer

Coming on to our app recommendations, our top apps pick is the best app for checking Pokemon Card price and finding the true value of your card. TCGPlayer app. The TCGplayer app can easily be categorized as one of the best apps for checking the prices of Pokemon cards. This app has over a million downloads in Google Play Store alone. The app comes with a scanner feature to scan your Pokemon cards. You can scan multiple cards at a time. It also gives you the convenience of scanning from different orientations and binders.

2. Pokémon TCG CARD Dex

Second on our list is TCG CARD Dex. The app is available both on Android as well as iOS and is probably the best app in the market for Pokémon card lovers. It has a great easy to use UI which enables users to easily navigate through the options and search for their card type and eventually the specs and value of that particular card.

3. Pokecardex

Third on our app recommendation list is a similar app to the above named Pokecardex. However, this app is only for Android devices, probably the reason why we have ranked it on 3rd position despite being a great app. But, Pokecardex is the most famous app in the UK and France, specifically,for the Pokemon Trading card game. This app is available on Google Play Store for free. You can easily download the app and manage your Pokemon card collection. You can browse from a collection of over 20k cards in this application.

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4. PokeTCG Scanner-Dragon Shield

Lastly, we thought that we might put on our list a card scanner app so that you can easily scan your cards from the app. Though the above apps have all fantastic UI and are great not only in terms of use but also in terms of the valuable information they are providing, however all the above apps require the card serial number to operate. So we have included this app in our top picks, called PokeTCG Scanner which can tell you the exact pricing of Pokemon cards. This app makes it relatively easy to check prices and keep track of your collection. Apart from the feature, this app has an eye-catching design and interface for the features and the dragon theme. This app can scan cards that are in different languages other than English. The multilingual feature gives this app extra points in our ranking as this feature alone makes this app global as compared to its competitors which are all native to English speaking users


To be honest, there are thousands of apps for TCG card tracking and probably in hundreds for Pokémon cards specifically. This fact makes it impossible to judge the apps for their efficacy and the value they deliver because all these apps are ever evolving and ever changing. The age that we are living has eliminated stagnancy which makes it impossible for any one app to remain at the top forever. However, by the date you will be reading this article on 1st September, 2023, rest assured the above apps are the best ones available in the online stores world wide

So if you really think you have a rare or valuable Pokemon card that is rare enough to attract collectors, the above apps and websites will offer you an easy solution of searching for similar listings which would eventually give you an idea of your card’s worth. However, as a general rule, the overall value of the card will always depend on the rarity and the supply vs demand of the cards. So if you do have such a rare card, just follow our links and download and install these amazing apps to start making money.

We hope this article will help you ease up your life as a Pokemon Card collector and spice things up with finding the best price of your collection.