Customizing your house, decor, and accessories is one of the new trends to fit the theme of your house or room. With doing so people feel more comfortable and love their space. It is said that people who decorate their place have a more likeness to keeping it clean and being comfortable with it. For a Pokemon admirer, buying a Pokemon card blanket is a sense of comfort. Do you want one? Here let us find out how you can have your own

What is customization?

The process of choosing a picture of your own choice, either a single photo or edited, and getting it printed on something such as a shirt, Hoody, cards, and even just on paper. 

Customization is worldwide famous because this way people can convey their love for other people, animals (eg their pets), and even games such as Pokémon. 

What are Pokémon card blankets

Pokémon card blankets are basically blankets that are illustrated with the theme of a Pokémon card. 

A Custom Pokémon card blanket is very famous amongst Pokemon admirers who have these displayed on their beds. 

What are Pokémon card throw blanket? 

Growing older, some people find it childish to have blankets themed by characters. Therefore they came up with alternative solutions to show their love for the product.

A ‘throw blanket’ can be considered as a smaller version of a blanket, something that can be used to keep you warm while sitting on the couch, reading a book, or watching TV. These throw blankets are easily customizable and many Pokémon admirers have even got them customized with the look of a Pokémon card. 

These blankets are easily handled as they’re smaller in size, lighter in weight, and can be folded easily, if compared to a complete full-sized blanket. 

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Top places to buy custom Pokémon card blanket

Although there are many sites and retail shops where you can buy custom Pokémon card blanket, but it is necessary to know if they are authentic or just a waste of money. 


As Pokémon is highly well-known and has played a huge role in the lives of people for 25 years, many merchandisers, especially Pokémon merchandisers spent an ample amount of time understanding the need for customization of Pokémon card blankets.

Many merchandisers have released their merch, house, and room decorations such as cushion covers, curtains and even customized Pokémon card throw blanket

Since the release of the Pokémon card throw blanket in the market many Pokémon enthusiasts have searched for hours for the right throw blanket to comfort and keep them warm.

Online stores: 

Hundreds of stores have customization present. There are a lot of times online stores after the release of a new series of Pokémon cards, released theme of Pokémon card blankets available in different sizes.

One of the biggest sites to customize Pokémon cards blankets specially designed by fans to show their love and to encourage more individuals to buy is, Etsy. Another thing these Pokémon enthusiastic sellers have done is that they created a complete card theme blanket or throw blanket and allowed you to customize a picture on it Example your pet.

Retail store: 

In many retail stores, you have an option of customization present. But one of the famous retail stores that have hundreds of branches,  Walmart has also shown significant, change towards owning other than Pokémon cards (Pokémon cards stock in Walmart), Pokémon-themed accessories. 

Although they may not be available, 24/7 in the retail store, but online Walmart does have an option for customization according to your want.

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But here’s one thing you should know that Pokémon card throw blanket during the winter season, and when a new series is released are easily available. . 

Official Pokémon site:  

There are times when the official Pokémon site has released gifts to promote their new cards or series. The gifts often included special rare cards (gold foil) or cards with different dimensions to be treasured by Pokémon lovers.

Although the site already sells blankets, customized with a Pikachu logo, it won’t take long until they recognize the need for customizing the whole Pokémon card on blankets. 

Handmade customization: 

There are also other ways where you can customize yourself a Pokémon card in your home decor.

-Embellishment and embroidery: Embellishment and embroidery are two of the ways through which you can get your own blanket, throw blanket, curtains, cushion or pillow covers, etc on a Pokémon card theme. 

However, compared to printing, this will cost you double the price.

-Painted: Another way of getting a Pokémon card printed for you on any of your home decor such as a blanket, is getting it painted.

There are special paints made in order to work on different pieces of cloth. You can always hire a painter or an artist to paint or draw the whole card for you. 

Types of blankets that you can customize: 

There are many different types of blankets present in the market such as: 

-Specific Photo blanket: There are specific types of blankets that are only made for the purpose of having photos printed on them. These are made with synthetic and light materials so that it put more emphasis on the image being printed on them. You can easily print a Pokémon card on these photo blankets. 

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-Customised Throw blankets. Customizing your throw blankets is also easily available in the market. These blankets are made with different materials such as cotton, wool, and synthetic blends and are soft, easy to carry, lightweight, and very breathable materials. 

Customization of these throw blankets is considered way, easier and cheaper compared to customizing old blankets. 

-Duvet blanket: A blanket made of idle feathers, or synthetic fibers. It is usually very soft and light waited. You can easily customize your duvet blanket. The customization is usually done on one side of the blanket whereas the other side is left blank. 

-Weighted blankets: A weighted blanket is a blanket specifically designed to comfort an individual by putting a little weight on them. These weighted blankets are mostly made with beads present inside of them. They are mostly available in plain colors. Printing on these blankets is usually hard not impossible as it might damage the inside of the blanket 

As there are many different types of blankets present worldwide, there are many that cannot be printed on such as: 

  • Bamboo throw blanket: These blankets were made in order to protect the environment and contain sustainability without using raw materials. It is extremely lightweight and breathable. As it is eco-friendly, it cannot be printed on. 
  • Velvet blankets: Velvet is a sign of luxury, but even though the material is soft and smooth, it is very hard to print on velvet. 


Many artistic people would opt for getting their Pokémon card blanket painted if money isn’t a problem. But if you’re under a certain budget even below $20, you can easily get it customized from Etsy.