So, are Pokemon break cards rare? With the obsession of worldwide Pokemon fans, Pokémon break cards were initiated to provide a better user experience. Usage of the break card meant skipping the evolutionary stages 1 and 2 of a Pokemon,  to a directly new form of evolution. It is also called a ‘unique form of evolution’. 

This resulted in the Pokémon having new strengths, new weaknesses, and the ability to restore from the previous damage caused by the opponent. Further on it is differentiated from ordinary Pokemon cards by the way they are used (played with). 

Are Pokémon break cards real?

Yes, Pokémon break cards are real, but they’re not manufactured anymore so they are rare to be found. But not rare and precious enough for users to make fake duplicates of. 

What are Pokémon Break cards?

What are Pokémon Break cards

These are a unique form of evolution cards made in order to prevent the Pokémon from completely evolving, this can also be called semi-evolving.  They were initiated by Pokémon TCG cards. 

 These Pokémon break card does not undergo its profound evolution (evolution stage 1 and evolution stage 2), instead, it gives the Pokémon special abilities to fight better while still having some of the weaknesses and overall appearance of the initial Pokémon (before this semi-evolution). 

The overall worth of Pokémon break cards

As not a lot of people have knowledge of Pokémon break cards are Pokémon break cards worth anything? And why are Pokemon break cards so cheap?

These Pokémon break cards are not worth enough as they’re not recognized to be that exceptional. They only came in limited evolutionary decks for about 2-3 years and then they were subjected to discontinuation. 

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Pokémon Break Card’s price

The Pokémon Break Cards price has seen to fluctuate in the market as they have not been made since the last evolution stage that took place in Pokémon, therefore the maximum you’ll have to spend is about 20 dollars and as minimum as 2 dollars (available on Amazon and eBay)

However as the cards are present in both Japanese and English forms, the same card may vary in price with this language. 

How to use them

These cards are placed horizontally over Pokémon cards (unlike other Pokemon cards that are kept in a vertical stance) to make a ‘break’ version. 

This ‘break version’ allows the previous Pokémon to directly evolve into a new Pokémon while skipping the 2 stages of Pokemon evolution.  This gives the Pokemon more fighting abilities (more damage produced on the opponent) and retreats the cost of injuries on the player.  

Which Pokémon set has break cards?

Some of the sets where break cards are available are:

  • Breakpoint 
  • Steam Siege 
  • The Evolutions 
  • Breakthrough etc 

Although there are more card decks, these were some of the most popular ones.  

Level of rarity

Although the overall design of the card is made of shiny gold (gold foil) with lots of sparkles on it. The level of rarity of the Pokémon Break cards is based on what is present in the bottom right corner of your cards. 

  •  A star: The star present on the bottom right of your break card shows that this is a scarce card. The star is mainly black. E.g Break card of ‘Ho-oh’ 
  • A circle: A circle present on the bottom, right of a Pokémon break card shows that it is relatively easy to find compared to the other Pokémon break cards e.g Break card of ‘Chesnaught’
  •  Diamond: The diamond present on the bottom right of a Pokémon Brick card shows that it belongs to the rare community. E.g Break card of ‘Empoleon’ 
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What are the best Pokémon break cards?

When the total number surpassed hundreds of Pokémon cards worldwide, there were about 83 Pokémon break cards that had been launched. Here is the top five Pokémon break card list:  

  1. Zoroark Break
  2. Nidoking Break
  3. Raticate Break
  4. Raichu Break
  5. Chesnaughty Break

1. Zoroark Break

The type of this card is ‘dark’. It is one of the famous types of break cards. Using these allows your Pokémon to ‘copy’ the attacks initiated by the opponent Pokémon completely.

With this strategy, the Zoroark break Pokémon uses the opposing team’s strengths and fighting skills against them. Its retreat cost of damage is 140HP 

2. Nidoking Break:

This is the type of card that either comes from a poison or ground Nidoking. This card can go against opponents that are using the EX Pokémon cards. 

Taking advantage of its strong Psychic Barrier. The Psychic Barrier can easily withstand strong attacks. Its retreat cost of damage is 180HP 

3. Raticate Break:

This comes from the category of ‘normal’ which is comparatively weak rather to other poison, ground, water, or fire. But the ability to attack the opponent with its powerful ‘Super fang’ brings the opponent’s power to nearly zero. 

Even very high HP Pokémon may have a little less likeliness to bear the damage from the Super Fang. Its retreat cost of damage is 110HP 

4. Raichu Break:

Coming from the Pokémon type of electric, this break card has a very powerful Bolt Attack. 

This Bolt attack uses almost all of the energy of the Pokémon but results in giving very high energy namely the ‘voltage step’ which mostly results in the opponent having a 90 damage range (30+ damage over about 60 base damage). Its retreat cost of damage is 130HP 

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5. Chesnaughty Break:

This comes from the category of Grass Pokémon, mode ‘normal’ which is comparatively weak rather than any poison ground, water, or fire. But the ability to attack the opponent with its powerful ‘Spiky Shield’. 

The spiky shield can impose damage of about 160 to their opponent. Further on this break cards can easily withstand rare Pokémon attacks. Its retreat cost of damage is 190HP.

What is the oldest Pokémon card?

The first ever deck of cards of Pokémon was released in 1996, called Bandai Carddass. Which had Pokémon’s such as Pikachu and Chizard present. The Chizard Base set is also one of the most expensive Pokemon cards to have ever existed.  


These cards can be considered as rare as they were only available in very scarce sets. But other than that, their minimal worth, as they were in process barely for 2 to 3 years. Their availability for a limited time makes them only reliable to play in a few games, unlike the standard version present of Pokémon.