Marked in the history of the Pokémon revolution ‘The Neo Revelation expansion’ in 2001 brought about one of the most famous changes in the evolution of Pokémon trading cards. This Neo Revelation expansion contained special Pokémon cards that were considered ‘shiny’.

The overall appearance of this new shiny Pokémon card was slightly different yet very appealing to Pokémon lovers. Pokémon enthusiasts searched worldwide for these cards and soon realized that they were very rare and that they only had 0.3% chance of being found.

Every year Pokemon enthusiastic players, eagerly wait for different promotional events and competitions that give out such unique prices. Further on these unique cards are easily sold up to thousands of dollars worldwide.

What is a Shiny Pokemon card?

Just like the name, suggest these Pokémon cards are specially designed with a more detailed, shiny appearance and a slight color change. These are considered to be rare variants of Pokémon cards as their overall appearance is visually more distinctive than an average-looking Pokemon card with detailed and glittery artwork.

Although non-Pokémon fans argue that because of the presence of holographic appearance of every Pokémon card, shiny Pokémon cards are no different.

If you keep an average Pokémon card and a shiny one together, you can see the difference in details such as the overall color change, aesthetics, uniqueness in artwork, and a more 3D appearance of the overall card. With all of these little details, it is impossible to not know what is a shiny Pokemon card.

How do you know if you have a shiny Pokémon card?

In the Pokémon trading card game, you need to have enough knowledge to differentiate between the different trading cards. Although it is very easy for an average Pokémon card player to identify the color differences, the overall shiny and detailed appearance.

Such as the difference in color, and the overall shiny and detailed appearance, which may easily be skipped by the naked eye of non-players.

Here are some details on how do you know if you have a shiny Pokémon card:

  1.   Rare symbol: Such Pokémon cards, usually belong to the rare category of the Pokémon trading game. These usually have special rare symbols such as stars to be identified easily. These symbols are found on the bottom of the card.
  2.   Color difference: For Pokémon players, and even an artistic person, there is a huge color difference between shiny and normal Pokemon cards. It is very easy for this color difference to be identified under the eyes of a non-Pokémon or an artistic person. The colors present on the shiny Pokémon card are rather more vibrant with tints and shades of other colors.
  3.   Unique holographic patterns: Pokémon cards that are considered shiny, have unique and easily distinctive holographic patterns. These holographic patterns look more shimmery. As the card is shimmer it appears to change its colour when placed under any source of light.
  4.   Texture: Although most of the Pokémon cards have texture on them, shiny or rare Pokemon cards can easily be identified with a more detailed texture. This difference can be easily felt when placing both, shiny and normal Pokémon cards together and feeling them.
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Are shiny Pokemon cards worth more?

The most common question present about these Pokémon cards, is that ‘are shiny Pokémon cards worth more’ and why?

The answer is ‘yes’ because they are present in scarce amounts starting from The Neo Revelation expansion in 2001 to different packs such as hidden fates, shining legends, shining fates, and different promotional events or special packs that are only released during special events.

What are most expensive Pokemon cards?

Pokémon card’s value may indeed vary according to their availability in the market and how strong the Pokémon is in the game world, but some Pokémon cards are known to belong in the most expensive shiny Pokémon cards list due to their overall abilities in the whole gameplay, along with shiny appearance and unique artwork that stands them out. Here is our top 3:

  1.   Chizard Shiny Pokemon card: The Chizard Shiny Pokemon are the Pokémon shiny cards available in the category of shiny fates (a pack type that contains the special shiny cards). The overall price range of this card starts from at least $200 to up to its highest, so the price is $25,000 for its first edition.
  2.   Pikachu shiny Pokémon card: The Pikachu shiny Pokémon card is also available in the category of shiny fates, (a type that contains special, shiny, and rare Pokemon cards). The overall reached value for Pikachu Shiny. Pokémon card is slightly over $10,000.
  3.   Mewtwo Shiny Pokemon card: The Mewtwo Shiny Pokemon card is the Pokémon shiny card available in the category of Shinning Legends (a pack type that contains the special shiny cards). The overall reached the value of this. The Pokémon card is estimated to about $6500 for its first edition.
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All these cards are also known as Legendary Pokemon Cards.

How do you how do you get a shiny Pokémon card?

There are different ways in which you can get your hands on these shiny and special Pokemon cards. But first research on ‘how do you know if you have a shiny Pokémon card?’

After doing your total research, you can step forward and obtain your own Pokémon card. here is a list of places through which you can acquire this treasure.

  1.   Booster packs: One of the most common places where you can acquire these shiny, Pokémon trading cards are booster pack. Booster bags are highly famous because they provide you with an abundance variety of different Pokémons that can increase your trading card collection and have unique and special cards, such as shiny rare and even on special occasions Ultra rare Pokémon cards.

They are easily available in Walmart and even online (online stores or individual buying). booster packs contain cards from 8 to 15 in quantity.

  1.   Booster Box: As there are possibilities of finding the shiny and rare Pokémon cards in booster packs, Imagine having a booster box that contains from 12 to 36 booster packs present in them. Booster boxes, come in different types, such as a collector booster box, which contains 12 booster packs, a set booster box, which contains 30 booster packs and the most expensive out of all the draft box, which contains 36 booster packs.
  2.   Elite trainer pack: This can also be considered as a type of booster pack, but it is not that easily available in the market because it is released during special events, taking place all around the year.
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An elite trainer pack can consist of eight booster packs which is up to 80 Pokémon cards present inside it. But as this is not as easily available in the market as other booster cards. They have more possibility of having shiny and rare Pokémon cards present inside.

  1.   Promo cards and promo events: All around the world different promotional events take place in order to boost the popularity of Pokémon trading cards. These promotional events and promo cards usually have shiny and rare Pokémon cards present.
  2.   Theme Pokémon decks: These Pokémon decks are specially made to promote the gameplay and to allow new players to enjoy the game and learn it too. This team Pokémon decks are sometimes also known as preconstructed or pre-designed. These decks have easier rules compared to other Pokémon trading card games and also allow the players to play immediately without having to build small decks. This type of gameplay is also sometimes considered to be casual playing rather than a competition. There are different promotions present yearly that are given out such as theme Pokémon decks.
  3.   Purchasing online: One of the easiest ways to obtain these shiny and rare Pokémon cards is to buy them online. Although these Pokémon cards can be relatively more expensive reaching up to thousands of dollars,though their worth is not compared to their rarity. If you look at what are the odds of getting a shiny Pokémon card, the answer is only 0.3%. Therefore people buy it online or from even friends.

Can you get fake Pokémon cards in packs?

People buy Pokémon card packs to have a greater chance of obtaining more rare cards. But many sites sell such fake Pokémon card packs and you need to be aware. It is best to check the site reviews before making a purchase.


If you don’t wish to waste time trying to look for this special card, it is best to buy it online. But beware that their values can reach up to thousands of dollars.

Other than that you can always buy booster boxes to give you a greater chance to get special Pokemon cards including shiny, rare, and even rare break Pokemon cards.