Have you ever wondered, ‘Are Pokemon Coins Worth Money?’ Let’s explore their true value in today’s discussion.

While Pokémon TCG enthusiasts are generally looking for Pokémon cards, there is another commodity that is not only a collectible item but can often sell for good money.

This article will cover all you need to know about Pokémon coins, Pokémon coin’s value, or more specifically, how much are Pokemon coins worth and most importantly, are Pokemon coins worth anything? While they are not as valuable as Pokémon cards, the most expensive Pokémon coin still goes out for $299.

Are Pokemon Coins Worth Anything?

At the start of the 20th century, baseball cards were the most loved collectible item for kids and baseball fans in TCG gaming.

That, however, changed for good in 1993, with the advent of a game called  Pokémon (Magic: The Gathering). Suddenly, these collectible cards were not just a game but were scaled to a level that they were being treated as collectibles.

They were now being traded, thus the name changed from a collectible card game (CCG) to a trading card game (TCG).

That said, cards were not the only thing that came into the Pokémon market. Pokémon coins came in as virtual or physical tokens used within various Pokémon games and apps.

The coins were used for various play actions in the game some of which were:

1. Pokémon TCG (Online)

The simplest use was in the online version of the TCG game where players could earn coins or could also purchase them via actual money. The coins so acquired were then used for buying booster packs and cosmetic items such as avatars etc.

2. Pokémon GO

The other fun use of Pokecoins came up in their mobile augmented game in which players could earn coins by winning. These coins would then be used to purchase in-game items like Poké Balls.

3. Pokémon Home

The third use of the coins came in their cloud storage service called Pokémon Home. These points could later be used for various in-game items or services.

4. Pokémon Shuffle

This mobile and Nintendo 3DS game used coins for various in-game functions, like purchasing power-ups, extra moves, or extending playtime.

5. Pokémon Duel

Another popular game in this genre that used Pokémon coins was Duel. This mobile game like Pokémon GO also uses coins for various in-game activities, including buying booster packs, unlocking features, and enhancing Pokémon figures.

So now we know that Pokémon coins are game-specific virtual or physical currencies used within Pokémon-related games and applications to purchase items, enhance gameplay, or unlock features.

Their specific uses and acquisition methods vary from one game or app to another. Let’s check the facts “Are Pokémon coins worth money”, and if so how much do Pokémon coins value?

Since they are also traded as collectible items with nostalgic value, there must exist a mechanism for earning money in this as well.

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Well, you guessed right! Though not as valuable as TCGs, these coins do hold some value primarily based on being vintage items.

How much are Pokémon coins worth?

Unlike Pokémon cards which are not just any games but valuable assets in which you can invest, coins only carry sentimental value for Pokémon lovers and collectors.

The Pokémon Company introduced Pokémon trading cards in 1996. Since its inception, its prices for first-edition cards have appreciated by over 10,000%.

On the other hand, Pokémon coins, typically used in various Pokémon games and apps, don’t carry that kind of monetary value in the real world.

Some collectors or Pokémon lovers, nevertheless, are willing to pay or trade them for the nostalgic value they carry with them. This all, however, depends on the demand generated by the Pokémon community members itself.

The coins primarily used to come in two forms, either separately or in sets. Among them, the lowest coin valued was at $0.75 while the highest coin sold was worth $299. This of course is dependent on how rare they are and the material they’re made from.

The average Pokémon coin is worth around $10 to $20, however, coins with legendary Pokémon characters like Mew or other popular Pokémon including the likes of Charizard, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur cost more than regular Pokémon coins.

How were Pokémon coins made?

Pokémon coins were made of plastic or metals,  which the players could collect and use while playing the game with their friends or the Pokémon community members.

The coins are tossed during duels to judge if a Pokémon card can be played. If a card can be played based on the coin, then the card powers up a specific Pokémon.

Pokémon coins value: Why do old things have monetary value?

Old Pokémon items, such as Pokecoins can have monetary value for several reasons:

Nostalgia: Many people who grew up with Pokémon in the 1990s and early 2000s have a strong sense of nostalgia for the franchise.

They may want to relive their childhood or recapture the excitement they felt when they first encountered Pokémon, leading to a demand for vintage items.

Limited Availability: Over time, old Pokémon items such as the coins become harder to find, especially those in mint condition. Limited print runs of cards, discontinued merchandise, and vintage games become rare, increasing their value to collectors.

Popularity of Collecting: Pokémon coin collecting has grown into a substantial hobby and investment market. Some collectors are willing to pay significant sums for rare and valuable items to complete their collections or hold them as investments.

Competitive Play: Pokémon trading card games have competitive scenes where older coins can still be used. Players seeking specific powers for their cards to build competitive decks may acquire these coins to ultimately drive up the prices of these cards.

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Iconic Characters: Pokémon characters like Pikachu and Charizard have become iconic in pop culture. Coins featuring these characters tend to be more valuable due to their enduring popularity.

Cross-Promotion: Pokémon continues to release new games, movies, and TV series, which can reignite interest in vintage items including coins, and boost their value.

Cultural Phenomenon: Pokémon is a global cultural phenomenon, and its enduring popularity ensures a steady demand for items related to the franchise.

Overall, the combination of nostalgia, scarcity, collector interest, and the enduring appeal of Pokémon as a brand contributes to the monetary value of old Pokémon items, more specifically in our case, the Pokémon coins.

How do Pokémon coins work?

As stated earlier, all vintage items used in Pokémon TCG in the past hold some financial value now, as most of these coins and cards were collected by fans and various players of the game throughout the globe and are now considered a rare commodity.

A Pokémon coin is a collectible item that players use in a Pokémon game to power up a Pokémon card. This means that Pokémon coins work hand in glove with the Pokémon cards hence making them super important.

Moreover, the coins’ importance is enhanced based on the character or action printed on the Pokemon coin which is specific to the attack positions of the Pokémon TCG cards.

The cards are either made of metal, plastic, or even cardboard, each type having its obvious different values of course. More often than not, coins were made of plastic with a metallic design print commonly based on a legendary Pokémon, an event, or energy symbols.

Coins made of cardboard and metal have long been discontinued now with their diminished role in the gameplay of Pokémon TCG. Now coins are treated as collectible items only based on their rarity.

Are Pokémon Coins Fair?

Pokémon coins can either be bought, traded, or won in tournaments. However, there are certain rules for proper use of the coins, violation of which may render the coins ineligible. e.g. coins should be flipped in a certain way, the kind of coins to be used in specific kinds of matches, etc.

The coins thus must be fair and impartial to any of the players, so most coins used during the matches are fair. A judge can be called to intervene in case a coin used in a match causes suspicion.

The Rarest Pokémon coins

The Pokémon coins become a collectible item if the theme decks or blister packs have been produced only in limited numbers. Secondly, a Poke coin can become rare if it has a legendary Pokémon printed on it in a holographic or metallic design.

Additionally, there are also limited edition or event-specific Pokémon coins including tournament prize Pokémon coins. Some of the rarest Pokémon coins are:

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1. Silver Psychedelic 

2. Gold Mirror

3. Metal coin 

4. Pink non Holofoil coins

5. Bronze non Holofoil coins

Cool things you can do with Pokémon coins

As discussed earlier, there was a lot of cool stuff that you could do with Pokémon coins which included buying booster packs, charging your cards and making in-game purchases or simply enhancing game experience by changing avatars, etc. Here are some cool things you could do with Pokémon Coins in the TCG game in its heydays:

  1. Making Purchases. Pokémon Coins could be used to buy various in-game items such as Poké Balls, Incense, Lucky Eggs, Lures, and more from the in-game shop. These items help you in capturing Pokémon, gaining experience, and progressing in the game.
  2. Storage Expansion. You could use Pokémon Coins to increase your item storage capacity, allowing you to carry more items with you.
  3. Upgradation. You could also spend Pokémon Coins to increase the maximum number of items you can carry in your Bag or the maximum number of Pokémon you can store in your Pokémon Storage.
  4. Customization. Pokémon Coins could be used to buy cosmetic items for your in-game avatar, including clothing, accessories, and avatar poses.
  5. Raid Passes. Raid Passes are essential for participating in Raid Battles. Pokémon Coins could be used to purchase premium Raid Passes, which typically provide better rewards.
  6. Special bundles. The in-game shop occasionally offers special boxes and bundles that provide a combination of items at a discounted price. Pokémon Coins could be used to buy these bundles.

As cool as the above features might seem, the bad news is that the efficacy of the Pokémon coins has diminished since their inception and most if not all the above features are a thing of the past now. 

The coins do not have the power to boost any card now and thus have lost their intrinsic value. However, the Pokémon coins are a love affair for fans and still carry a lot of sentimental value with them. 

Therefore, coins are still traded and sought after by collectors to this day.


Pokémon coins are collectibles typically used in various Pokémon games and apps. However, though they hold sentimental value for Pokémon lovers, they don’t carry that kind of monetary value in the real world as Pokémon TCG cards do.

Some collectors or Pokémon lovers, nevertheless, are willing to pay or trade them for the nostalgic value they carry with them. This all, however, depends on the demand generated by the Pokémon community members itself.

The coins primarily used to come in two forms, either separately or in sets. Among them, the lowest coin valued was at $0.75 while the highest coin sold was worth $299.