After two successful legendary Pokemon card series, this was by far the best shot by the makers. Basically, it is one of the main expansions of cards from the battling era in Pokemon gaming. It highlights the return of traditional dragon cards with the most popular Eevee Pokemons. Yet, the exciting part of this set is the focus on Eeveelutions. Another thing I found is the V and VMAX feature that decides the strength of your card. Lastly, the layout has crossed the usual art boundaries in some of its cards, which was amazing to see.

If you haven’t stepped into a trading card game with Evolving Skies cards, now is the time. However, the prices can be insanely high for some cards. That is why I’ve also counted the runner-up cards in the second half of my guide, which are equally as awesome as the top ones.

Is Pokemon Evolving Skies A Good Set?

Let me share my observations to conclude if Pokemon Evolving Skies is worth the money. Each booster pack of Evolving Skies has ten cards in it. Along the common and uncommon, there is one energy card and a code card for online TCG play. It entertains with a complete package of rare, Holos, Non-Holos, V and VMAX, and the oddest ones like gold foil Pokemon cards and ultra rare cards. Next, the fun part is the illustration range. Here’s the rundown of the most exciting variations in this game set.

  • Alternate art Pokemon.
  • Full art supporters.
  • Full art Pokemon.
  • Special rarity Pokemon.
  • Rainbow rare Pokemon.
  • Other collectibles.
  • Rainbow rare supporters.
  • Energy cards.
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Pokemon Evolving Card List- Which Cards To Chase For Maximum Value?

Within just two years, it is astonishing to see how the Evolving Skies collection has made up to the most expensive cards in Pokemon history. However, there’s a wide array of choices. But let’s check on the ones who shine the brightest for these years.



Type: Alternate Full Art.

Market Value: $69

Pull rate: 1 in 657 cards.

You can never imagine the cute floating Dragon, which seems to do no harm at all. Despite this, it could sometimes damage the opponent with a striking power similar to the mighty Rayquaza. It holds the best value for runners-up and those obsessed with legendary Pokemon figures.



Type: Alternate Art Full.

Market Price: $74.64

Pull rate: 1 in 283 cards.

The next chase card for a runner-up is Rayquaza V. It needs more strength to damage other Pokemon in the play. However, the main aspect of using a Rayquaza V is to evolve into the powerful Rayquaza VMAX.



Type: Alternate Art Secret

Market Value: $149.

Pull rate:1 out of 972 packs.

With more colors and welcoming gestures, this card scores well in illustration. The colorful paradise is not the only reason to buy it. Most importantly, it offers value strategy to players with a decent punch of knocking opponents with a supporting energy card.



Type: Alternate Art Secret

Market Value: $150

Pull Rate: 1 in 1944 packs

This card is one from the Eevee’s species, demonstrating her power to freeze a river.  It clearly shows how capable the Glaceon VMAX is when it comes to defending from surrounding Pokemon attackers. The card could pay off as low as $140 to even $350, depending on the condition.

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Type: Alternate Art Secret.

Market Value: $160 – $300.

Pull Rate:1 in 1296 packs.

Again, Eeveelution has scored a top position in the Pokemon trading platform with Leaflon VMAX. The playful behavior of this Pokemon is what is most loved by game fanatics. Meanwhile, the market value has quite distant highs and lows for this card.


Type: Alternate  Art Secret.

Market Value: $340 to $500.

Pull Rate: 1 in 2333 packs.

As you see, this card could have better illustrations. Despite this fact, it is unbelievable how gamers shell out heavily to buy this rare card. In fact, if you’re to sell it now, you could earn up to twice its original price when it was launched.


Type: Alternate Art Secret.

Market Value: $511.

Pull Rate: 1 in 1666 Packs.

A mean Pokemon that steals the show is none other than Umbreon VMAX. This name tends to be famous among all Pokemon cards. It is the far most expensive card on the Evolving Skies Card list. Not only this, but its popularity has supported other versions of Umbreyon to acquire the highest grades as well. However, It is so rare that opening 3 Evolving Skies booster boxes could lead to one successful card chase.


The above Pokemon Evolving Skies Card List points out the best rare cards to chase. At the same time, it’s tough to grab the high-value ones due to the crazy fortune it costs. Nevertheless, you can still try the less pricey end-runner-up cards, which is an excellent option for entry-level players.

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