Last month, I sold my rare Flareon Holo card for $296 bucks. That’s a big hit! Like you, I’ve also been searching for holos, but I was a nerd until I newly discovered ‘How to weigh Pokémon packs in 2023.’

So here’s the most controversial question for any Pokemon player, ‘Does weighing a Pokemon pack work.’ In my case, it did! 

Since Pokemon cards can be expensive, the weighing cards technique brings you a higher chance of striking a rare Holo, traverse Holo, or a Full Art Holo.

What Is The Purpose Of Weighing Pokémon Cards?

What Is The Purpose Of Weighing Pokémon Cards

Every pack comes with a set of 11 cards, so what is the reason behind weighing Pokemon cards? This is because a pack from the same set can have different weights.

However, these weights can differ just by ounces. Most of the time, a little increase in weight from the standard one indicates that there might be a Holographic card inside. 

Primarily, this could be due to the composition of cards. For example, the Holo cards are heavier due to the overlay of foiling, which isn’t the case with regular cards. 

One of the significant advantages of scaling unopened Pokemon packs is to pull up heavier packs that could have more value.  

Are All Pokemon Packs The Same Weight?

The answer is No. Apparently, the varying composition of each card and different card sizes define whether the pack will be heavier or lighter.

Let’s take it further to understand what makes this difference.  

Firstly, the foiling over a holo card adds to its weight. Adding to this, the holographic area, such as full, partial, or around the corners, also adds to the base values accordingly.

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Second, darker variants, such as green code Holo cards, are heavier simply, as they are more inked. While I believe some bold inked text and fonts are not worth considering here as the change could be way too negligible.

What Tools Are Commonly Used To Weigh Pokemon Packs?

As you search in the market, there are some of the best scales for weighing Pokemon packs that can ease off decision-making. For this purpose, I recommend using a scale that measures in g or in hundreds (0.1). It could be either a digital scale or a hand-postal scale. However, digital scales stand best due to portability and sensitivity to precision.

Here is a little unfortunate thing: you cannot try your tools in a store as the owner might get you busted if they see you Cherry-Picking. I won’t mind if you ask, is it illegal to weigh Pokemon packs in store? Surely not, but this means offensive behavior, as the owners could be left with only low-value packs.

Instead, in such situations, you can try to weigh Pokemon packs without a scale just by using your hands. Personally, what I do is rest the pack on my palm, checking my fingers aren’t supporting or balancing it off. Of course, it’s not always gonna work, but it’s the only way when you’ve no choice. 

Can You Determine Valuable Cards By Weighing Pokemon Packs?

It’s true weighing Pokemon packs can give you over-the-odds benefits. But this only happens when you’ve already experimented with a pack of cards to find the range for average-weight packs.  

To share my experience, the last collection I unboxed was the majority of the packs with average weights lying between 20.72- 20.85g, While 4 of them were in the heavy range between 20.95- 21.01g. Out of which, I found the rarest Pokemon cards.

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How Do I Accurately Weigh a Pokemon Pack?

You’ll find a lot on the internet that the “21g” value relates to a heavy Pokemon pack, which is untrue with my findings. Rather, the heavier and lighter packs are decided on which class of the variant the pack belongs to. Let me illustrate how do i accurately weigh a Pokemon pack with a few simple key steps:

STEP1: Select the Box Type

At first, you need to decide which game set or box your pack should belong to. For instance, the Gym Heroes box (from the 2nd-generation game set).

STEP 2: Draw a Couple of Card Packs

Next, you need to draw at least 4 packs to start experimenting with weight. Make sure the box is the same for all packs. 

Here’s a little reminder: check for the prices online to make sure you are not overcharged. 

STEP 3: Use a Digital Scale

Now, weigh each pack one by one and note it down. Make sure to mark down values up to two decimal places.

STEP 4: Unpack the ones With Higher Values

Lastly, your findings will show you either 2 or 3 of your packs weighing nearly the same. Say, out of 4, 2 of my Gym- Heroes packs weigh 20.4g and 20.8g. The other two fall on the heavier side with 21.05g and 21.2g, from which I successfully pulled Reverse Holos.


I hope this guide answers comprehensively on ‘How to weight pokemon packs in 2023’. As a matter of fact, it’s a skill that could grow as you start experimenting with game sets until you find out the average weight pack in each set. Once you achieve this threshold, the game is yours!

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