Are you thinking about the authenticity of the Pokemon Funskool cards, whether real or fake? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

These Funskool Pokemon cards have been a big part of kids’ childhoods since the early 2000s. Pokemon lovers of the 2005 to 2010 era have fond memories of playing with the Funskool cards during school break time. And let’s be honest, you’re not the only one pondering their authenticity.

Many kids from that same era share the same question – were they playing with real or fake cards? But fear not because your quest for answers ends right here. We’ll uncover the truth below, so let’s dive in!

What are Funskool Pokemon Cards?

Funskool Pokemon Cards

Let’s start with the question: what are Funskool Pokemon cards? Pokemon Funskool cards are basically designed by the Indian toy manufacturing company named “Funskool.”

The story behind the first collection is that the Funskool company reached out to the official Pokemon brand to secure a license for manufacturing Pokemon cards. It was the same time when Nintendo was busy making its first Pokemon trading cards collection. Luckily, they allowed Funskool to manufacture the Pokemon cards, so the cards are real, not fake, but they’re not from the official collection. 

Additionally, the quality of cards is debatable; individuals who have used the official Pokemon trading cards know that Funskool cards are nothing compared to them. But does this matter? 

We don’t think so; you need to understand that the purpose of Funskool is to create cards for kids. It’s not for serious original collectors or competitive play. That’s why the Funskool cards are super cheap in contrast to the official Pokemon cards collection. 

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Are Funskool Pokemon Card Sets Available?

If you live in India, yes, you can get Pokemon card sets. There are many Indian marketplaces where the Funskool cards are available at cheap prices. Nevertheless, we can’t say the same for other countries. 

If you live outside of India, you probably need to buy the official Pokemon trading card. Otherwise, you need to find a seller that ships the Funskool Pokemon cards outside of India. 

What’s the Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game)?

Pokemon TCG is a trading card game. The game is designed for two players; each player will have one deck consisting of 60 Pokemon cards. The player begins by shuffling their decks, and then the real adventure begins.

In the game, each player uses their cards, which you consider as Pokemon creatures with unique abilities to defeat the opponent. 

The ultimate goal is to defeat all of the opponent’s Pokemon cards until none remain to play. The player who accomplishes this wins the game. 

Where to Find Collectible Pokemon Cards?

Becoming a collector of rare and unique Pokemon cards is a dream for many enthusiasts. Fortunately, this hobby isn’t too difficult anymore. You don’t have to find shops where sellers sell rare Pokemon cards. Thanks to marketplaces like Amazon and ebay, you can find individuals who sell collectible Pokemon cards at an affordable price.

Where to Buy Pokemon Trading Cards?

For Indian Pokemon fans, Funskool cards are easy to access. Many marketplaces like Indianfreebies are selling Funskool cards. The price is also cheap, it’s about $6 maximum. 

It is unfortunate for people who live outside India because the Funskool cards aren’t available on big marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. We only find one seller on eBay who’s selling the cards, but make sure to confirm whether the seller ships to your country or not before purchasing. 

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How to Start a Pokemon Card Collection?

Starting a Pokemon card collection is easy; you just need to take the first step. Here’s a simple guide to help you kick off your collection:

  • Start by acquiring the first few basic and random collections of cards.
  • Think about the cards you find cute, love the most and buy them. 
  • Once you’ve built a foundation of basic sets and cards you truly enjoy, go for the rare and unique cards. 

How to Locate Rare Pokemon Cards?

How would a person know whether the cards they get are rare? That’s one of the most daunting tasks for Pokemon card lovers. Well, if you’re trying to find rare cards in Funskool Pokemon cards collections, there won’t be so many, as the entire collection was just made for the purpose of the kid’s play. 

However, if you’re an official Pokemon card collector, you can easily get the rare cards. Here are a few tips that will help you find the Pokemon rare cards

  • Check the bottom of cards; if there’s a diamond symbol, it’s an uncommon card; if you see a star, it’s a rare card.
  • If the star color is other than black like gold, or while it suggests the card is more rare than a normal star card.
  • See the edition details of the card. If the card is from the first collection, you’ll see the letter “1.”
  • Cards that have popular Pokemon, like Umbreon, Pikachu, Mewtwo etc, are also rare. 
  • Holographic Pokemon cards are  rare compared to the traditional cards. The surface of these cards shines in the light, making a rainbow effect.
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Note: There are many fake Pokemon cards available in the market. Thus, always check whether the cards are rare before investing your hard-earned money.  

Rules of the Pokemon Card Game

There are many rules in the Pokemon card game; some of the most prominent ones are the following: 

  • If no player has a basic Pokemon, they will reshuffle and restart the game.
  • If a player doesn’t have a basic card, they’ll take the Mulligan.
  • Do everything that an attack requires, even if it’s flipping a coin. 

If you want to read more about the advanced rules, you can read the guidebook about the game

Where to Buy Authentic Pokemon Cards?

If you want to buy authentic and legendary Pokemon cards, you can visit websites like Amazon, eBay, or the online stores that are dedicated to the cards. Another way is to visit a local store, or you can find Instagram or Facebook pages where people sell Pokemon cards. 


The debate of whether Funskool Pokemon cards are real or fake ends here with the fact that they’re real. However, you must know that these cards aren’t from the official collection of Pokemon TCG. Nintendo allowed Funskool to make Pokemon cards because, at that time, the official collection wasn’t available in India. So, if you just want to play with the cards in your spare time, Funskool Pokemon are good and cheap. But for the rare collection, you should go for the official Pokemon TCG.