The never-ending obsession of Pokemon fans worldwide has heightened the need to locate Pokemon card inventory. Are you a Burlington resident? You must be looking for a reputable retail shop in your neighborhood to obtain well-known Pokemon memorabilia. There’s no need to go looking everywhere. You’ve come to the right place. 

Discussing Burlington Pokemon cards without mentioning Burlington Coat Factory would be unfair. The primary focus of Burlington Coat Factory, as implied by the name, is the sale of apparel, household commodities, and associated items. However, in response to the growing demand and interest of Pokemon fans, they began offering trading card and archive services. 

But that’s not it. You need to know many other facts to resolve all your queries regarding Burlington Pokemon cards. Let’s discuss further details to put a light on this topic properly.  

Are Pokemon Cards Still Sold?

Yes, even in 2023, Pokemon cards can generate revenue from their clients. Wow! That is just remarkable. What’s more enticing is the Pokemon Company’s disclosed sales statistics for 2022-23. According to the figures, the average earnings were over 9.5 billion. Shocked? That is self-evident. The data reveals that those who believe Pokemon is no longer a revenue-generating game are mistaken.

How Often Does Burlington Restock Pokemon Cards?

Burlington does not have a primary retail outlet, only dedicated to selling trading cards. Most of the cards sold in stores are vintage, with some minor flaws. As a result, it is still being determined how quickly Burlington will restock Pokemon cards. 

However, certain factors that can influence the restocking of Burlington Pokemon cards are client demand, stock availability, and distribution resources. Most stores in Burlington allow for restocking twice a week. Remember that the frequency of refilling will vary depending on the area and how rapidly the retailer runs out of stock. 

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What Types Of Pokemon Cards Does Burlington Sell?

The majority of the cards you’ll find in the Burlington Pokemon Factory are from the early series of Pokemon. Because of the increasing customer demand for trading cards and collectibles, the trend of retail outlets has expanded in recent years. It has aided users in locating various types of Pokemon cards. However, what type of Pokemon cards Burlington sells must be addressed. The list below specifies the different Pokemon cards and the forms in which they are accessible in Burlington. 

  • Common and rare individual cards. 
  • Booster packs
  • Promo cards 
  • Customized decks 
  • Older series cards 
  • Cards with minor flaws

How Much Does Pokemon Cards Cost At Burlington?

Retailers in Burlington selling Pokemon cards provide discounts to entice customers. The cost of Pokemon cards varies according to their category. Booster packs cost around $4 on average. The cost of the themed cards ranges from $10 to $30. The fluctuation in the market price of Pokemon cards is also attributable to differences in client demand in different places and ongoing sales. 

Furthermore, the location from where you purchase Pokemon cards influences the Pokemon cards’ cost at Burlington. Pokemon cards are generally cheap on online markets that provide promotional discounts. However, remember that most discounted cards have already been opened or are otherwise damaged but still good enough to be part of your Pokemon collection. 

Where To Buy Pokemon Cards At Burlington?

You don’t need to search further for where to buy Pokemon cards at Burlington. Here is the list of places from where you can buy Pokemon cards. 

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Online marketplaces:

If you want to buy your favorite Pokemon card in Burlington, consider using online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. These are genuine platforms that sell an extensive range of Pokémon cards, including older versions and the latest ones. Customers have become increasingly interested in the Facebook marketplace in recent years. 


Many online websites now provide services for selling trading cards. The only thing you need to do is find a legitimate website and place your order.  

Specialized card trading stores:

Pokemon cards are sold in several unique stores in Burlington. Visit the store for further clarity and get the necessary Pokemon card or booster box according to your needs and demands.  


Keep an eye on current Pokémon card collecting trends since some sets and cards may be more popular and challenging to locate than others! This concludes your knowledge of Burlington Pokemon cards. 

To find out what types of Pokémon cards are in stock at a certain Burlington location, call the store directly or browse their website if they have an online catalog. Furthermore, it is about luck because you might get valuable cards from clearance sections, or standard cards can be pricey. Be prepared to have fun collecting individual cards, booster packs, and premium cards from a Burlington store near you.