In the modern era, DVDs have somewhat wiped out VHS tapes. Many valuable collections are now turned into dusty stashes. As a die-hard Pokemon fan, you might be curious about the value of those treasure cases. Are Pokemon VHS tapes worth anything? Or your shelves are holding a few pieces of junk. Let’s find out!

Classics never die! However, the worth of original Pokemon VHS tapes depends on various factors. First of all, the condition of the cassette will decide its worth. Secondly, rare ones are more likely to sell at good prices. Lastly, the selling place and the buyer also decide the fate of these gems. 

Are VHS Tapes Worth Money In Today’s Digital Age?

The 80’s and 90’s remind me of the craze of collecting Pokemon VHS tapes. Perhaps recent digital innovations have pushed them to the back of my closet. But are these VHS tapes worth the money? 

Sometimes, standing rare isn’t sufficient to raise the values. Being high in demand is essential. Since the evolution of DVDs, Netflix, and online rentals, VHS tapes have lost their value to a major extent. Better image quality and easy access to favorite shows have devalued these old cassettes. However, some cassettes can still fetch a handsome amount of money as they are hard to find.

In addition, eBay has emerged as one of the best platforms for selling and purchasing these extinct jewels. Starting from a couple of bucks to hundreds of dollars. Some classic ones are worth more than your anticipation.  

What Factors Determine The Value Of VHS Tapes?

Dig in that dump cassette carton and find the jewel among the rough. A rare TV cassette can make you rich overnight. Yes! There is a collector market that deals with old classic tapes. Moreover, eBay and auction houses have tagged some limited edition ones with shocking prices.

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Apart from being high in demand, myriad other factors decide the value of VHS tapes. Video Tapes deteriorate over time, and those that were frequently played in the past might not be in a reselling condition. However, factory-sealed tapes can fetch the most money. Hence, the title, edition, and overall condition are the major deciding traits. 

How Can I Find Out if my VHS Tapes are Valuable?

From a decent chunk of change to a significant amount, an old set of tapes can bring ultimate surprises to your bank account. Just like Pokemon coins, some Pokemon VHS tapes are more demanding than others. To find the value of your VHS tapes, check eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.  

You might have heard that a VHS tape is worth over $10,000. That’s not the case! Remember, anyone can list on eBay with their desired prices. Therefore, it’s better to check the sold Pokemon VHS tapes list. This will give you an average estimation of your VHS tapes.

Are Old Disney VHS Tapes Worth The Money?

Some articles might be misleading you about the worth of Disney VHS tapes. They often claim that a box of old Disney tapes can pay off your debts or is enough to go out for a vacation. However, reality is just the opposite. It is true that Old Disney tapes are worth the money, but not that much! 

Discontinuation of VHS tape production and Disney nostalgia factor has esteemed some special editions. The Disney films released between 1984 and 1994 with black diamond-shaped logos are selling for considerable prices. Furthermore, the Disney VHS Collectors Facebook group can be an ideal marketplace for your tapes.  

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Which VHS Tapes Genres Are Most Likely To Be Valuable?

Nostalgia is mighty enough to make people pay a premium amount for their desired VHS tapes. Apart from limited editions and rare Pokemon releases, genres also play a vital role in deciding the significance of the VHS tapes. Anime, Horror, Sci-fi, and exploitation movies are some of the most loved genres.  

Are Limited Edition Or Rare VHS Tapes More Valuable?

Yes absolutely! A limited edition or rare VHS tape can help you fetch more money than ordinary ones. These traits, when combined with demanding genres like horror and sci-fi, take the value of VHS tapes to the next level.

Can You Make Money Selling VHS Tapes Online?

Many pawn shops, second-hand stores, and resellers serve as ideal platforms to sell/ purchase VHS tapes. However, you can also earn good money by selling them online. Amazon, Etsy, and eBay turned out to be the most prominent online marketplaces. In addition, websites like Second Spin and Declutter also deal in VHS tapes.


Now you won’t ask: Are Pokemon VHS tapes worth anything? It’s not what you sell, it’s about how and where you trade. This Digital Era has made VHS tapes outdated, but some nostalgia seekers and limited edition collectors are still willing to pay thousands of bucks for your VHS tapes.