As with many enthusiasts, Pokemon tins and boxes are popular. They not only increase the gaming fun with coins, Pokeballs, and other stuff. Indeed, the tins and containers help them to present their collection in an organized way. 

While raising my collection, my only fear was the safety of my rare Holos, Holos, and full-art Holos. Instead, I kept those tins just for regular cards and sorted and sleeve the precious ones into the binder. But that left me with more spare containers than ever.

I know the obsession with the lovely Pokemon won’t let you just throw them off. You cannot expect these tins to be sold in the market for higher prices unless they are very scarce or legendary boxes. So what should you do instead for the extra Pokemon tins you have? Join the discussion below to find out:

Are The Pokemon Tins Worth Anything? – Explore the demanding choices

If you want to find your Pokemon Tin worth, you must seek the real game fanatics and their preferences. For instance, an entry-level player would never shell out for costly containers when a cheap substitute can be a good choice. In contrast, the pro players always want to professionally expand and display their collections.

To organize the costly card collections, tins can be a bonus besides cardboard boxes and blister packaging. At the same time, only a couple of tins hold substantial demand in the market. It is due to the appearance and the variety they bring to the table.

So, let’s check some of the best tins that have a resale value.

Pokemon TCG Collector Chest:

These large containers are the best option for holding more number of cards. It can hold up to 63 cards with additional stuff such as stickers, mini-binders, and coins. Their empty containers are still in demand due to their value for large game setups.

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V Hereos Tin- Sylveon V:

This container has a high face value due to the rare Pokemon in the Evolution Skies Series. These boxes are scarce in the market due to the hype created after the series was released.

Eevee Evolutions Tin- Vaporeon V:

Again, the value of the tin with Vaporeon evolves from the success of the Evolution series. Also, the scarcity of Pokemon makes this box a special one in the eyes of game fanatics.

Hidden Fates Tin- Charizard GX:

Legends always live in hearts, and so does the most iconic Pokemon, Charizard. Again, there can be quite a few boxes with this particular print in the market. The vintage property stands out as the rarest Pokemon tin on the market. You can expect a decent sum in exchange if you have a container with Charizard Ge.

Poke Ball Tin- Love Ball:

Although they are primarily available for sale at quite low prices, they still hold demand as they are great display pieces on gaming tables. 

Can You Get Maximum Value Out Of Empty Pokemon Tin?

Among Pokemon collectors, exchanging cards for money is a common practice. Both the empty Pokemon tins are different. Instead, the versatile metal tins add variety to the collection of Pokemon players. Scrolling through different markets such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, you’ll find huge listings for empty Pokemon tins

Unfortunately, except for a couple, most lie under $10s. However, I found Walmart’s pricing as the highest compared to other platforms. Furthermore, the buzz of Burlington trading Pokemon cards has increased. 

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What to do with empty Pokemon tins? 

Most of the time, these empty Pokemon tins will only pay you a little. In fact, I went to a flea market once to buy a lunchbox-style tin to hold a large collection. It just cost me 25 cents. But don’t let your hopes down, as you can still be creative with the different styles of Pokemon tins. Let’s sneak on with some of the best recreational ideas:

TIP 1:  Use Them As Organisers:

Since I hate throwing them off, I usually keep many smaller ones as organizers. It’s good to have them for small jewelry items. Moreover, using mini ones for game cartridges is a safe option. 

Moving on to large containers, Elite Trainer boxes ( ETB) are still a reliable option for storing Pokemon collections by many owners. However, it has a downside for storing valuable rare Holos. So I would rather keep them now for other game collectibles than cards. I even considered them using them as food containers, but they are not ergonomic for dishwashers. 

TIP 2: Do Customisation For Recreational purposes:

The same Pokemon faces on every container seem absurd if you’ve finally decided to keep them. You can always change the exterior of these containers with the help of acrylic paints. For this purpose, craft techniques work better on non-glossy containers.

First, scrape off the former prints using sandpaper and then cover them with thin coats of acrylic paint. Once you’re finished, always apply a metal primer so that the colors won’t fade too quickly.

TIP 3: Save Some Tins As Gift boxes:

I use medium to small Pokemon containers as gift boxes to save myself from gift-wrapping chaos. The metal tins are sturdy, so I’ve to worry less about the damage inside. However, the Pokeball tin, with its unique display, is one of my favorites to throw gift cards to my fellows.

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TIP 4:  Donate To Nearby Clubs Or Local Game Shops:

Especially for the reason there are now Pokemon clubs operating which receive the spare Pokemon tins. Plus, local game store owners often accept on behalf of tiny payments or even without it for donation purposes.

Can You Still Get Rare Pokemon Cards In Packs?

It is possible to hunt rare cards from booster packs. However, you have to open as many as you can to find those rare ones. On the other hand, if you can shell out more to buy a promo tin with booster packs, You are sure to pull one or more rare cards from the set. 

Does Big Lots Sell Pokemon Cards?

Yes! Big Lots sells Pokemon cards, but they do not deal in the official ones. The packs they have are from third-party vendors. However, the inventory at Big Lots is restocked every week or sometimes twice a week. This usually makes the availability of certain Pokemon cards difficult.


I hope this discussion answers your query on ‘Are Pokemon tins worth anything? Now it’s over to you to decide whether to keep them as display units for decor or to store things.