What are TCG Codes

If you have followed our articles so far, you would know that we are here to help you fulfill all your Pokemon cravings and attainment of free Pokemon TCG codes.

The article, therefore, is incomplete without giving you those Pokemon TCG codes free which would work just fine in September 2023. So what are free Pokemon code cards and Pokémon TCG promo codes?

First of all, let’s learn what TCG codes typically refer to. Well, these are codes or cards used in Trading Card Games (TCGs) like Pokémon, and Magic: The Gathering. Remember those gaming cheat codes in our PC games like Commandos? Well, TCG codes are the same thing, the only difference being that they are acquired from booster packs or decks and are redeemed online to obtain virtual cards or packs for use in the digital versions of these games. So players have an opportunity to expand their digital card collections and build decks, which ultimately makes them win against their online friends.

Pokemon TCG Codes

Now that we know what TCG codes are, time to dive in straight to the point and get to Pokémon TCG codes. As explained earlier, these specific codes are acquired from booster packs, theme decks, and collection boxes, which are all TCG card gaming products launched physically by Pokemon.  Once obtained physically, they can then be used digitally to expand one’s card collection.

How does it work

Still confused? Let me explain. When you redeem a Pokémon TCG code, you basically open a world of numerous rewards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online also known as PTCGO platform, which is a digital version of the physical card game. In this article we will provide you with an insight of the things you will have access to after you redeem the Pokemon free online codes.

In-Game Pokemon Collection. The first thing you can get with free codes is enhancing your in-game Pokemon collection. These free codes may give you access to specific Pokémon that you can add to your in-game collection. Moreover, the Pokémon you get your hands on with such codes may be event-exclusive, have special abilities, or come with unique moves.

  • In-game Pokemon Collectibles. Other than digital cards, these codes give you access to in-game collectibles as well which include items such as  Poké Balls, Potions, Rare Candies, TMs, Berries and many many more.
  • VIP Pass. Apart from getting your hands on some much wanted collectibles, these Pokémon codes also provide you with access to special in-game events. These are V.I.P passes which send you directly to limited-time events and offer unique rewards and event-specific items.
  • Mystery Gifts. Pokemon codes can also give you amazing gifts such as game themes, avatars and stickers. They can unlock Mystery Gift events in the game, which may offer a variety of rewards, including special Pokémon, exclusive items.
  • Poke Coins. These codes provide you with in-game currency, like Poké Coins in Pokémon GO, that you can use to buy various items and upgrades within the game.
  • Avatars. These codes can also unlock customization options, meaning you can change your character’s avatar and clothing, accessories, or hairs.
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All said and done, you must remember that all the above rewards are linked with Pokémon ever updating rules and benefits,  so one must keep a constant track of the official Pokémon website or the Pokémon TCG Online platform for the most up-to-date information on available rewards and what codes will work in 2023.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Codes (2023)

Frustrated with upgrading your deck on Pokemon TCG Online game, but can’t get your hands on any packs to make that happen. We have got you covered with just the thing you need. The solution to your problem is Pokemon free codes 2023.

Pokemon Free Codes (One time Use)

  • XV7 RX6H B66 74C – POKEMON GO

All of the above codes can be redeemed at www.pokemon.com/tcgo or within the Pokemon TCG game client or app on PC, iOS, and Android.

More Free Pokemon TCG Codes (Online)

Still want more? Let me give you some more. Below are a few more free Codes that I found for our avid readers to redeem in Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Copy the “name” and paste it into the game. Each code can only be used once per account.

  • Rallying Cry Deck
  • BWPlasmaBlastCopy
  • PrimalClash
  • PhantomForcesCopy
  • FuriousFistsCopy
  • FlashFireCopy
  • PlasmaStormCopy
  • BoundariesCrossedCopy
  • PokemonXYCopy
  • Pokemon EX Hat
  • DragonsExaltedCopy
  • DarkExplorersCopy
  • Mewtwo T-Shirt
  • Mewtwo2012
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Free Pokemon Code Cards

Getting your hands on these codes can be quite a task since they’re not available for grabs just like that. I’ll be providing you with a list of codes that you can input into your game to acquire certain items in Pokemon TCGO.

You can input the codes in-game and obtain the items through the “Redeem Codes” option in the “Shopping Cart” section. The codes mentioned in this article were originally shared by users on various platforms and have proven to work!

  • Flashfire
  • Plasmablast
  • Primalclash
  • Legendarytreasures
  • Phantomforces
  • Roaringskies
  • Pokemonxy
  • Ancientorigins
  • Plasmastorm
  • Plasmafreeze
  • Plasmablast
  • Boundariescrossed
  • Furiousfists

All of these codes can be used once in your accounts and these will redeem a random booster pack or a special deck consisting of a specific theme!

Pokemon Codes of the Month

If you have read the article up till this point, you have earned our very special codes for the month with which I have mentioned their powers as well.


  • 1PIKACHU4U (You can only collect this special Pikachu card once by putting in this code in the game)
  • DRAGONSEXALTED (Code for Pokemon EX Hat)
  • POKEMONTCG (Code for M14 Black Hat)

Pokemon TCG Promo Codes

  • Crown Zentih : 99N-MVG2-2KG-RGL
  • Crown Zentih : 99Q-9N2C-VPY-T6P
  • Obsidian Flames : RG7-HNJ6-44P-GGM
  • Obsidian Flames : RCL-QKLC-WHH-LDK
  • Crown Zentih : 99R-MBTK-LQ7-XXG
  • Obsidian Flames : RD4-CVMT-7YD-ZYH
  • Obsidian Flames : RVV-MTQM-CWG-CR4
  • Obsidian Flames : RB7-D7JM-7T2-QMD
  • Obsidian Flames : RVQ-P7TM-Z69-RPY
  • Crown Zentih : 99Y-WQYV-9KP-9MX
  • Crown Zentih : 9BB-K7GG-WJY-JG4
  • Crown Zentih : 9BB-LRVD-MN6-7LQ
  • Obsidian Flames : ZMY-Y6YX-XHG-64V
  • Crown Zentih : 9BD-HRVK-M72-69T
  • Crown Zentih : 9D9-6YLR-J4Z-449
  • Crown Zentih : 9DP-YPPG-PJR-N96
  • Obsidian Flames : 7DW-7KQM-24Q-GHN
  • Crown Zentih : 9G4-LL64-NVH-M2M
  • Crown Zentih : 9G6-V79W-BHG-XBC
  • Crown Zentih : 9H2-N2DH-PZZ-26Z
  • Crown Zentih : 9HC-YWHP-7JJ-GMB
  • Crown Zentih : 9HP-MCYZ-D2V-BGM
  • Crown Zentih : 9J2-DTGH-WX6-JTZ
  • Crown Zentih : 9JD-HHZD-ZVV-MJC
  • Crown Zentih : 9JV-H6YX-JXD-YKV
  • Crown Zentih : 9KT-VJ2C-ZJQ-XDJ
  • Crown Zentih : 9KX-Q4QL-CKQ-CC9
  • Crown Zentih : 9L2-NRX2-T2Q-RZB
  • Crown Zentih : 9LR-KR2T-JPZ-KYZ
  • Silver Tempest : V99-QRTX-6YZ-JJD
  • Crown Zentih : 9N6-6TNT-BWQ-77L
  • Crown Zentih : 99NB-PXHC-D97-KH4
  • Crown Zentih : 9ND-M6CY-PBV-9TP
  • Crown Zentih : 9NN-YMD6-2J2-DGR
  • Crown Zentih : 94Z-TJLC-ZBC-2NH
  • Crown Zentih : 94Q-YXWW-ZX2-6BT
  • Silver Tempest : V9J-JLGV-R7B-9JP
  • Silver Tempest : WK7-PG7-Y-MH–K QXN
  • Silver Tempest : VQX-RQTG-BZ4-MLQ
  • Silver Tempest : W76-ZMRL-p77-p2Y
  • Scarlet & Violet : PPH-KZJ2-MQ6-QZV
  • Pladea Evolved : RHN-KNDL-CLW-KJZ
  • Pladea Evolved : RN9-HCQ7-NQQ-9PR
  • Pladea Evolved : RNQ-LTBG-6L6-YMX
  • Pladea Evolved : RHZ-J9K6-MN7-7M6
  • Pladea Evolved : R46-WN-9M-LWT-QRW
  • Pladea Evolved : RWD-NGLZ-J7B-TRW
  • Pladea Evolved : RJM-N4NK-7X6-QGV
  • Pladea Evolved : RNG-TT9P-Q7W-PRK
  • Pladea Evolved : RWP-PL6H-C6Q-HPP
  • Pladea Evolved : RMP-NXB-BM2-KZT
  • Pladea Evolved : RHC-TQ6P-9CW-CNX
  • Pladea Evolved : ..RVH.DZ4Y.NDH-D.2B
  • Pladea Evolved : R4Y-RQVH-QPQ-CWW
  • Pladea Evolved – Mashynn Full Art : NAIC23WHOSAWHATSIT
  • Pladea Evolved : RXZ-THCC-VKH-RP2
  • Pladea Evolved : R7D-XC94-6MK-DLK
  • Pladea Evolved : RD4-GZZX-KWZ-.THZ
  • Pladea Evolved : RCY-GGQT-RWQ-BZN
  • Pladea Evolved : R9M-749Pk-DJ-22-R
  • Pladea Evolved : RCW-Y6TR-74V-C2Q
  • Pladea Evolved : RW2-LB6X-C2V-DNP
  • Pladea Evolved : RLW-7GG7-TV4-JL9
  • Pladea Evolved : RBD-WJMM-TNT-VGZ
  • Scarlet & Violet  : RNZ-NQ42-KRG-HVP
  • Pladea Evolved : R2L-KKG2-DJP-27G
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How to get Free Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Codes?

Though we know you are still hungry for more, unfortunately, these are the only codes available right now that are working and will actually redeem their respective items.

However, don’t lose heart as we will not leave you high and dry! We will instead teach you ways to search and acquire free codes yourself as and when they come. Below are a few ways with which you can find new free online Pokemon codes.

Livestreams. Go online and log on to Twitch and you’ll find plenty of Pokemon streamers doing free giveaways and sharing these codes in their live streams to gain the number of their subscribers.

However, remember there are no second places in this race for free codes and getting there first will win you everything you desire. However, second sucks!

TCGO Subreddit. You can use Subredditt which works exactly like Redditt but made especially for Pokemon lovers. You can hop on Subredditt and use these platforms to find even more fellow Pokemon streamers/gamers who are willing to give out free codes!

Fresh codes are updated daily on the PTCGO Subreddit and it can be an amazing source for you.

Pokemon Newsletter. If you are a subscriber of the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter, you will find a new code once a month just by signing in your digital account for the Pokemon newsletter.

You’ll receive free codes every month with the newsletter, but these may not just be laid out for you. You’ll probably need to look through the newsletter a bit to find the code.


There is no fun in gaming if you haven’t hacked ways to cheat the system or find some by-passes to the rules of the game. Pokemon realizes this players’ need to get to the top of the tier with some much desired hacks, collectible items and avatars. So instead of waiting for others to design a hack, Pokemon came up with the brilliant idea of laying out free codes here and there for seekers to find.

In this article, we have tried our best to give you a free handout of codes that we found useful and redeemable in September, 2023. However, as these codes work only once per account, we have also tried our best to provide you ways to find these codes yourself. So good luck and happy gaming!