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Reba Riley has been polishing paragraphs and making sentences sparkle since 2005. She writes and blogs on a variety of topics, including her current experiential book project Thirty by Thirty. Her freelance writing consultancy, Reba Riley Ink, specializes in helping companies shine in the competitive world of copy.

Reba’s specific areas of industry experience include sales, marketing, weight loss , health, architecture, construction and green innovations. She is a skilled researcher committed to understanding and explaining any topic to readers.

Clients rave about Reba’s ability to convert technical information to enjoyable articles, and they have come to expect leads from her press releases and case studies. They rely on Reba Riley Ink to capture the meaning of their message with sharp-shooting sentences.

If your company is in need of a turn-of-phrase tune-up, you’ve landed on the “write” desk! Take a moment to look around Reba Riley’s virtual workspace and consider how she could write new business into your future.